Tips For Optimize Meta Description

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How To Optimize Meta Description

How To Optimize Meta Description

What is a Meta description tag?

The Meta description tag is a Meta tag which founds in the top part of a web page. Essentially that’s a description of a web page’s content. In this following article we will see how the Meta description tag works and why it is being used and also how to optimize it.

Benefits of using the Meta description tag

Meta description tags are not related to improving your rankings. Neither Google, yahoo or Bing uses it is a ranking signal. Compulsory descriptions are also crucial to improving your click through rate and conversions.

If the keywords are bold in the Meta tags then it makes more obvious in search engines. This makes the more possible for the user, who then can judge the relevance of a particular web page more quickly. Social networks like Facebook, twitters etc. also typically pick up the Meta description tags whenever someone shares the link.

How to Optimize

Meta descriptions are a kind of slightly long tweet, because in that you don’t have that place to play with it. So it is important to write sufficient and relative compelling enough to get users to click through.

Description length – limit down your description only up to maximum number of 160 characters, including spaces. This isn’t set in stone though as Google limits the tag using pixel width and not by the number of characters. Anything which exceeds it will be indicated with ellipsis. And that brings the next tip for us.

Cliffhanger – use it whenever it is possible. The Zeigarnik-Effect, also known as the Cliffhanger Effect, states that people are much more likely to remember tasks where they have been interrupted than once those projects have been completed. Your chances are much more likely to click through if you leave them hungry for a conclusion.

Why should people read your content?

Provide a relevant info to your target audience that why they should your content. Are they going to learn something new, or that post is for a limited time, or post is something funny? Tell them about it.

Don’t gear keywords

Don’t gear up the Meta descriptions with your keywords. Like I have said before that it will not increase your rankings at all. One or two instances of your keyword are good enough if it makes sense. Google is advancing enough that it will pick up and display the copy of your main content itself if it finds more relevant to the description you’ve written.

No more duplicates

Try as much as you can that there should be no duplication in your Meta description. Google expects good content on your page. If your descriptions are all the same, Google might think that there is duplicate content and treat it accordingly. So keep those descriptions unique.

Test your descriptions

Finally, whenever you get a chance check your descriptions. The word you use and how you use will impact much on your click through rate.

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