5 Tips to Increase Your Sales Using Facebook

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5 Tips to Increase Your Sales Using Facebook

5 Tips to Increase Your Sales Using Facebook

Thanks to the great expansion that have experienced social networks, many have found a way to make huge profits: large companies offer their services; small companies have managed to grow and be known by this means and especially Facebook, which has developed a system comprehensive advertising social network, thus increasing their income.

When a user makes a query into Google, the search engine tries to show the closest results to the keywords typed. Such is the rise and importance of social networks on the internet, it’s becoming more common to see between these searches results Facebook.

Make the most of Face book’s foray into the SEO and optimize your profile so that is included in the search results.

1. – Improved content

To start promoting your services and products properly in Facebook, do not post offer after offer, it is uncomfortable and annoying to users. Begin by writing interesting content about your company, you can post event invitations and when a real offer, you can post the benefits that it offers.

Brands with more presence in the network based popularity offers filling their profiles, share content from other sites and interacts with existing customers and what they might be in the future.

2. – Keyword Research

Search engines base criteria on keywords and concise sentences by which users perform a query. Include keywords in your Facebook profile, investigate using the free tools offered by Google and make a list of those that could tell you the most useful.

Once you have the list of the most relevant words then add it but remember most useful thing without text it is meaningless. Add them in the section where you talk about yourself, your area or category of your business.

3. – Link your profile to your company website

This strategy takes very little time, simply place a link on your Facebook profile to your website and vice versa. Similarly, the content of your site should be based on keywords and you have to update frequently.

4. – Multiplatform

Enjoy the versatility that social networks will offer, includes links to sites or videos related to the theme of your business. You can link to videos and articles that detail potential uses and benefits of using your product. Once shared this content, tag it with some of the keywords you searched already.

5. – Monitors the big brands

Constantly review your competition strategies; you can get great ideas from it, does not mean steal content. You can implement a similar strategy but with different approaches. Be creative and invest the time needed to manage your Facebook profile.

There are hundreds of free tools by which you can improve your profile and content. Facebook will continue to grow more and more, do not stay out of this huge potential market, remember that there is always someone looking for what you and your company provide.

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