5 Effective Ways To Improve Your Pay Per Click On Adwords Campaign

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5 effective ways to improve your pay per click on AdWords Campaign

5 effective ways to improve your pay per click on AdWords Campaign

If you have an account and if you are managing your advertisement account through Google AdWords pay per click campaign for preventing target users of search engines and partner sites; do you know there several ways to track and analyze them, but this can easily confuse you and will drop you in a panic situation.

To avoid such situation the only way to make it comfortable is to narrow the field to a short list of key metrics that give significant input on what works and what does not go in your pay per click campaigns.

The following 5 metrics will give you the best result with less expense. In this article we are not trying to tell you that you need to ignore other metrics but if you have limited time available these will give you a broad overview of your performance, and plot these five metrics over time will provide a concrete measurement of your success.

1. Quality scores metric

The quality score is a measure of the keywords relevance; Google ensures that whether your keywords are relevant to add to the users search:

Quality score determined by the following factors:

  • Search keyword and relevance of keyword
  • CTR of the keyword and its matching ad
  • Importance of the keyword to its ad group
  • The CTR of the URL shown in groups
  • The factor of your landing page

It’s very essential to maintain the good quality because Google always uses to determine the ranking of the ads as much as the amount of cost per click.  If you are thinking that you have almost done with details of the search for keywords, then also a low average score you get then it’s a signal that you are still missing something.

2. Click – through rate

The experts in the field say that the pay per click metric pays more attention while they are analyzing the AdWords account.

For several reasons CTR is more important, and it includes:

  • Report if your ads are not relevant to users
  • Low click through rate are the proof that your keyword and ad both are not proper and they need improvement
  • You know the fact of the CTR average rate of an ad? According to an AdWords employee its just 2%, so if you are over this percentage ratio then you are good with the pay per click campaign.

3. Conversion ratio

The conversion ratio is the other aspect which shows us that another common response about the pay per click metrics and this shows you that how many people among those who clicked on the sponsored ads, by then they complete the desired action on your landing page, regardless of whether the call to action is a purchase, subscription, or filling out a form.

The conversion rate is as important as the click-through rate – certainly do not want to pay for tons of clicks and visits if even a portion of this traffic ends with significant action. A high conversion rate means that the money you spend for the clicks return as a profit which is called ROI return on investment.

4. Cost per Conversion

This is the sign that marks the success or failure of a campaign. In other words, if you have to pay more to acquire a new customer than it actually applies to your business, then your campaign is failing: we should not expect a return on investment.

5. Meaningless expenses

The best way to reduce this following risk is smart use of negative keywords. These will allow you to reduce the traffic which is irrelevant to your business and that also which does not generate conversions. Prevent the appearance of your ads for search queries that contain that keyword.

Are you using these metrics to measure the performance of your PPC campaigns? What other metrics found particularly useful?

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