Creating a Content Plan for Our Company

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Creating a Content Plan for our company

Creating a Content Plan for our company

One of the main tasks of a community manager is to create and publish content that add value to their audiences and revitalize the brand presence in social networks. But this should not be done at random, but obviously requires some planning to try to get the best results.

Why create a content plan?

A Content Marketing strategy will help us stand out from other companies similar to us in a saturated environment, to gain credibility with our stakeholders to enable position ourselves as experts in our industry, to establish an emotional bond beyond the commercial transaction, consequently to gain leads , whether in the form of visits to our website, sales, subscriptions, etc..

So when we set out to develop a content plan for a brand, this requires knowledge previous work of the company, the environment, industry, your competition, your customers, etc.. Each company is different, and what works for one may not be true for others.

How to create a content plan?

1. Analysis

First, we must be clear about the nature of the issuer of the communication. Who is the brand? What are their characteristics, their place has or wants to get in the minds of consumers? What kind of activity develops?

2. Target Audience

Who are our potential customers? Are they young or old? They are looking for cheap prices or exclusivity? Depending on who and how our audiences are, we tailor our content.

3. Communication tone

What content can be the most valuable to our audience? Consider the triple aspect of inform, educate or entertain to decide what we are trying to cover needs at all times with our content.

In addition, we must decide what will be the tone of communication with our stakeholders: we will speak in a formal tone to them. Based on our audience and objectives , we must choose how we will communicate with them, and respect that line consistently in all our communications.

4. Objectives

What do we want with our communication? We may want to generate interest in our products or services, attract visitors to our website, get subscribers, gain notoriety and generate sympathy, differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

Be clear about what we want, we help guide our publications in blogs, social networks, etc and define the budget you are willing to invest to achieve realistic goals.

It makes no sense to claim that our content strategy to double our sales and we do not support the same extent the investment required to make this happen.

5. Editorial Calendar

Based on these aspects and the available budget, we will be able to define an editorial calendar, which graphically mark the publications that we will do, often, support etc..

From developing corporate blog posts, publication on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc..), design and send newsletters or bulletins, creating guides or ebooks .

It is very useful, especially if we have a shoestring budget of tools that help to automate tasks, program publications, etc…

6. Content development

The development of content that fit the factors we have noted previously is a key task, and logically will be conditioned by the available resources.

Ideally it is certainly develop their own content, and for this we can use external professionals or staff incorporate the company that dominates the work of drafting, design, social media etc…

If we make a good healing of content, we can reconcile themselves with other content contained in a balanced and achieve good results. But do not forget that this task also requires time and effort.

7. Evaluation of results and reorientation of strategies

The measurement results of a content strategy are a complex task, which is not always possible to accurately if you do not have the means. However, through the experience can be outlining aspects such as what is the best time to post to each mean, what kind of content we work best, what are the most appropriate media, etc…

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