Significance of Customer Testimonials in online business

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Significance of Customer Testimonials in online business

Significance of Customer Testimonials in online business

There are two primary goals of a business, first is achieving maximum profit and another is to get 100% customer satisfaction. It is necessary to take

the feedback of the customer regarding the product which would be easy to know the customer’s degree of satisfaction. There are many reasons for a business to be successful and customer testimonial is one of them.

A review of a product from a customer to his friends or relatives is an informal way of publicity of that product but when it becomes a formal judgement regarding the product then it is known as a testimonial. People would believe their friends and relatives but they won’t believe strangers doing publicity in an informal way so it is necessary to take genuine feedbacks from the customer that are   testimonials. It is necessary to maintain good relationship with the consumer for the sake of good feedback as well as repetitive customers would create a good image of the business firm.

Testimonials can be in the form of formal letter containing the likes and dislikes of the product mentioned by the customers. All the testimonials are gathered and then the firm reaches to a conclusion in which they are able to know their faults. Testimonials are not only beneficial for the customers to make a choice but also fruitful to the new developing business firms who can make out how accurate their services and products are. The firm can then make necessary improvements according to the customer’s choice.

Sometimes it becomes boring for a customer to give formal recommendation in written therefore the way of the recommendation should be made simple, easy and quick. The problem of feedback also happens when the customers are children. For example a business who sells electronic toys to the children will find difficulty in taking the accurate feedback. So for them also it is necessary to make the process of giving feedback easier. Another thing to be focused on is that the testimonials should be made attractive and fun so that people will not skip it or ignore it.

Most of the business firm these days put emphasis on customer testimonial to gain the fame in the market. They try their best to show the genuine testimonials to the new customers so that they can know more about their business firm. The size of the business does not matter when it comes to the customer referrals because the smallest business unit to the largest business firm needs the feedback of the customer.

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