SEO: Not Only The Ranking Is Important

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SEO Not Only The Ranking Is Important

SEO Not Only The Ranking Is Important

Since search engine optimization industry grew, the main concern of the sellers has been providing its customers good position within the search results.

Perform an optimization in the search engines is not limited to the effective keyword research and its application within a website, but also trying to understand the whole context of the page and the products offered. You need to understand the evolution of the campaign is to know how to improve and what modifications must be made.

An SEO campaign consists of four main steps:

1. Sell the whole concept, from keyword research to implementation.

2. Process research of keywords that generate traffic and conversions.

3. Develop additional services to capitalize on SEO keywords conversions.

4. Report the evolution of content and keywords that generate conversions.

Selling the concept

In order to complete the sale of an SEO campaign, you should set the desired objectives. Many of the customers what they want is to get the number 1 position of their site with certain keywords, however, specify that it is very difficult to achieve and, in case of obtaining and maintaining is virtually impossible.

In many cases, customers already have a list of keywords which aim to rank their site, but as the campaign progresses you can most likely find other conversion.

An initial SEO proposal may change soon because during the data exploration is always possible to find more options to apply an optimization.

Keyword Research

Investigate different keywords should be a continuous process, the middle of a campaign can be found concepts that create greater benefits for the Network Status page and conversions.

A good tip to find quality keywords is to ask what actions they are to perform within the site visitors?

Some indicators that can be used to measure the success of a site visits are:

  • Time spent: If a visitor lasts more than 3 minutes on the web and the dropout rate is low, then we can conclude that the user reads the contents and it was of interest to him.
  • Visited pages: If a user looked at two or more pages within a site, it can be said that the content was to his liking and he wanted was to keep reading.
  • Product page: If the primary purpose of a page is to sell, then you have to check if the visitor reviewed the site filled prices or any contact form.

SEO Additional Services

Once developed and implemented a campaign, follow keywords investigating possible success, to identify them, you can develop a new proposal with them to complement the work.

For example, you can set factors such as: developing new content for those keywords, how can be included within a purchase cycle? What can be better utilized means those words, blogs, social networks, etc..?

A good tip is to list new found monthly keywords that can be exploited and show them to the client.

Report on the keywords and their evolution

In presenting performance report to clients on the current season, best result is achieved by adding data and statistics that do not commonly show specific data on the performance of specific keywords, comparison of result between keywords etc…

It also may include other important aspects, such as: What impact a certain group of keywords on the Network Status page? How many visits and conversions relate keywords campaign content? And most importantly, how many sales are attributed to the contents?

It is clear that placing a site on the top of a ranking of search does not guarantee that sales will improve this page. To achieve this we must work constantly on the keywords and content that revolves around them. Seeking ways to suit the needs of Internet users will be key to the success of the campaign.

Moreover, to stand out from other agencies dedicated to SEO, you should constantly modernize working methods, not only the technical, but also presenting it to the client.

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