Analysis Keywords and Competition

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Analysis Keywords and Competition

Analysis Keywords and Competition

If you are thinking to start a business, website or blog on the Internet, this post will be used most, because today I would share with you some of the measurement and analysis tools that you should use before launching your project.

Whether not clear idea of your business then first of all you should make a “market research” to know who will be your potential customer or buyer. How to make a study of this kind can be very expensive, I will propose a series of free tools to make your own market study.

Measurement and analysis tools.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool:

It is a well known and used tool. Used to analyze the amount of searches that Google receives any term or keyword you enter. It informed local search, global search / monthly and provides information to the type of competition (low, medium or high). This tool can be very useful to get an idea of the demand on the network on any product or keyword. To get a little more advantage of this great tool, you can customize your search using the filters at the left. Definitely highly recommended.

Google Trends:

This tool allows us to know the trend of search (in graphics) of any word that we introduce. It may be helpful to us to know how fashionable or not our product or service. It provides information on the geographic interest, most wanted trends that are current and growing. In my view you can get enough juice to this tool because it can be used to know (what interests and where) so I recommend it. h using the filters at the left. Definitely highly recommended.


This tool / web offers us the opportunity to “spy on the competition,” showing organic keywords, money invested in Ads, number of visits, competitors in organic keywords ultimately, for me the best place where to make a little competition analysis. There is a free version, where you cannot access any type of analysis, but still gives you a lot of valuable information for your business.

I hope these tools, may be of help to study the market, analyze the competition and the various niche markets, trends, what to look for on the net.

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