5 Tips for Maintaining Your Blog on WordPress

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5 Tips for Maintaining Your Blog on WordPress

5 Tips for Maintaining Your Blog on WordPress

Most of us care about the creation and promotion of content on blogs. Our concern is the frequency of article creation and commitment we have with our readers. However you need some more work on our part.

You need to find that our blog is healthy; it is one of the cornerstones for success. Search engines are becoming more strict with the quality of a site and not just simply add fresh content, have an attractive design, etc…

Safety, reviews and updates a blog helps is in top form. The maintenance does not have to be somewhat maddening if you adopt some good habits. In fact it only needed a few minutes periodically to keep in perfect match promise.

Let’s look at some tips that can help maintain your blog if you chose WordPress as CMS.

1. Backing: You may eventually find yourself with a problem as errors in an upgrade, malicious code injections or when editing a file. It is important to periodically copies of all your WordPress files and database. If something goes unexpectedly must always keep these copies for necessary face an unpleasant situation.

How can we create backups? Can be performed in several ways. The simplest can be manually from the admin panel of your hosting, or installing a plugins for this task such as “BackUpWordPress” which can be automated to the backup process.

2. Check that the plugins are compatible with the new version of WordPress: If you are upgrading, do not forget to check if the existing plugins are compatible with the new version of WordPress. Most people use free plugins, and these can no longer be updated. It is important to keep a check on the validity and usefulness of these. Here you can see some tips to consider before installing plugins.

It is advisable to remove the plugins that are outdated or not used. If it is very difficult to maintain a blog, you can always hire the services of an expert in WordPress for this work.

3. Safety Analysis : Make a security scanner frequently to ensure smooth operation of the blog. You can consider installing the plugin “WP Security Scan” for this in the password frequently can also help in maintaining the security of the blog.

4. Anti spam Filter : Filtering spam is one of the most important aspects to maintain a WordPress blog with good health. Make sure you have a routine to delete spam comments whenever you access the administration panel. There are times when you cannot access a blog when hundreds of spam comments accumulate.

5. Broken links : Search for broken links and correct them on the blog. Broken links reduce the popularity of blog and hurts usability. If manually can be very heavy to do this, you can download the plugins “Broken Link Checker” to repair broken links.

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