4 New Updates to Google Ad words

June 5, 2013 § Leave a comment

4 New Updates to Google Ad words

4 New Updates to Google Ad words

The online advertising system of Google, has evolved and improved management tools and campaign creation. How Adwords offer flexible deals. Here are the most important aspects of this update.

Keywords Planner

One of the most surprising news to webmasters and SEO expert’s is introducing a new tool to search keywords, which includes a traffic estimator.

With the help of this tools to find keywords lists to URL’s categories. This means it will now be possible to improve the search keyword and expand the ability to reach more potential users.

Another advantage is the cost estimate per click, thus, planning budgets for campaigns, will be easier to organize.

Ads on Google Maps
Also been redesigned to Google Maps, so now you can optimize your ads and when they appear on the map. With this improvement, the advertisement appears in the exact location on the map where the company is.

For this to happen, you need to run ads with location extension and must also be configured in the campaign, the option to include search partners, since Google Maps is considered a search partner Adwords campaigns.

Google Adwords Editor

Google has made massive changes to improve the campaigns and has included various statistics and performance metrics. Some of the new features offers are:

  • Set adjustments deals, topics and audiences.
  • Set mobile offerings settings ad group
  • Reload campaigns in bulk using CSV files

Strategies flexible deals

Have been included for deals flexible options, which allow you to manage different parts of the campaigns, including specific offers strategies across. Which is very useful for advertisers who want to promote certain special keywords?

In order to keep growing, Google has implemented several improvements in all its tools. Google Adwords being their main source of income, this is constantly renewed, trying to attract more and more users.

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