5 Trends in Advertising for the Future

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5 Trends in Advertising for the future

5 Trends in Advertising for the future

It’s no secret that today’s consumers are more “immune” to several traditional advertising formats that many of the marketing strategies that were once successful, now no longer have the same effect. It is clear that the form of advertising necessarily has to change.

Here are five trends for advertising in future

1. Personalized advertising

Internet is offering different online tools can show targeted advertising for each user taking into accounts theirs tastes, interests and hobbies but now the company NEC wants display to take this trend to a new level with an innovation to which they have called Field Analist

Field Analist is a system that automatically detects human faces in images captured by video cameras. Thanks to this technology it is possible to know the number of customers who enter every day to a commercial establishment, classified by age, gender and other data that allow us to deliver personalized advertising to the profile of our customers.

2. Interactivity

Customers are increasingly attracted by the opportunity to interact with products and brands before making the purchase decision, especially when you consider the increasing trend in the use of mobile devices with interactive displays.

Here is a key enabling undertakings to exploit the versatility of the interactive screens and develop strategies where consumers are curious about the possibility to participate with advertising.

A good example of this trend is the interactive showcase presented by Adidas in Germany. There, customers have the ability to view the latest collections of apparel brand, use the touch screen to make combinations and even can synchronize their smartphone to make a purchase but the store is closed.

Another good example is the McDonald’s interactive billboard where customers can interact with the brand through a game that is synchronized with mobile devices. Those that last a certain time can claim a prize within the establishment.

3. Provide as much information

Customers are becoming more sophisticated and want to get all possible information about a brand, a product or service before making a purchase decision. In addition, studies show that consumers rely more on those brand that offer useful information about their products.

4. Originality and creativity

The essence of any successful advertising campaign is definitely creativity. Those ads that surprise the market hardly go unnoticed, and now thanks to new technologies we can bring our creativity and originality to new levels.

5. Classifieds in unusual places

Free advertising on streets, public toilets touch screens, mirrors that advertise products and services, metro stations with names and many other strategies advertisers have used the most unusual places to reach consumers. What unusual places you encourage you promote your business?

Well, it is clear that the consumer and the market have changed and also our advertising strategies must be different if you really want to win a place in the minds and hearts of consumers. This is the perfect time to start rethinking your strategies according to these and many other trends that have completely changed the lifestyle and behavior of society.

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