12 Rules to Attract And Keep Audiences On Facebook

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12 Rules to Attract And Keep Audiences On Facebook

12 Rules to Attract And Keep Audiences On Facebook

Currently we went through a time where companies begin to understand the social networks. While this does not mean that they do strategically and appropriately, it’s a breakthrough, as they have little time to be interested in learning more about social networks and have a presence in them.

However, the numbers of companies who do good things still increase. I have realized how important it is to interact with their customers and their loyalty. These companies offer attractions to consumers, not just about making a copy of your website, however generate different content, useful and attractive that allow creating a relationship with your prospects and customers .

This article share with you 12 rules to attract and engage your audience on Facebook:

1. Use a Facebook page (formerly called fan page): From nothing you will be on Facebook just be, you should do it professionally and correctly, so if you use a personal profile, change it to a Facebook page.

2. Do not make a copy of your website: It’s good to put the elements that identify your business, but keeps your Facebook page becomes a true copy of your website.

3. Listen first, talk later: Remember that the way we do business and the conversation changed and now the lead your followers, so listen to them and then send them a message. True, will publish content  but based on what they hear does your audience.

4. Openness and Honesty: This will help your brand build trust, because if your followers see you as a brand that has nothing to hide.

5. Place a person behind the brand: People want to see people, talk to people. It is true that companies and brands are represented by people, but it means that depersonalize dealing with customers and prospects. By contrast, the more human show a more favorable brand to create good relationships with consumers.

6. Give contents of value: If the people are arrive at your Facebook page, either because you recommended or because advertising did, you should give them something useful and interesting. Offering only coupons or special offers may generate distrust and make your visitors think you have no more to contribute; you are not different from your competition.

Therefore, if you offer content (audio, video, reports, articles , pictures , etc.) quality, useful and of value to them, I assure you that they will return. Such content should be things you can not deliver in other traditional.

7. Relevance: If you offer to your followers things that relate to their tastes, interests and, in general, with their lives, you become someone very important and necessary for their lives. Depending on how important you are to your followers they will be motivated to interact with you, your brand.

8. Talk to your audience as a friend: It’s boring and even slightly believable when a brand you speak as if you were a stranger (a), that makes the relationship a distance and do not want to interact with you. Conversely, if you talk to your followers so close, I assure you that identify with your brand will be more willing to receive your offers and recommend.

10. The followers have control: How many pages of Facebook do not allow fans publish content? Uff, several, even to erase some publications. Remember that the conversation is directed by the consumer, the user.

10. Let customers find you: Avoid spamming, stop sending emails or information to persons not asked you to do that. When a person feels persecuted, eventually hate that brand and you do not want that.

11.Let it speak for you: When your followers realize that you are a reliable brand and worth consuming content you offer them speak for you. What better if you enjoyed a good experience to buy your products and / or services.

12. Do not delete negative comments: Many brands are scared when they see that a person made ​​a nasty comment, expressing their dissatisfaction or disapproval with something, so I deleted the comments, trying to give an image that they are a good brand.

Remember to be honest and transparent it makes it reliable, so you should let the whole world see those negative comments. The most important thing is that we also see how the tried, the way you gave answer to those concerns or points of view.

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