6 Mistakes in Social Media for Beginners

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6 Mistakes in Social Media for Beginners

6 Mistakes in Social Media for Beginners

Social networks are easy to use because they are made ​​so that any new user can access them and in a few seconds, start using them. But they are easy to use does not mean that they are easy to manage. The example is very simple, sure everyone knows light a furnace, in most cases, no more than spin a wheel but how many know how to cook with it? And better yet, who is able to make a dish that is truly exquisite? These are the social media mistakes common.

We might now published a post on Facebook, upload a photo create album and do survey but Do we manage community? Do we know create engagement? Do we know getting viral? These are the most common mistakes in managing social networks:

1. Do not be self-centered. Our social profile is not to talk about us, but to talk with our users. Let us use this channel to provide company information, but do not saturate. Offer information of interest to our users. What are their likes and interests? What type of content does better?

2. Forgive what you were?
The communication must be bidirectional. Not just about what we believe to love but also asking are we doing well? Reply to comments and questions, to propose questions and discussions and interact with users in general are essential for successful social profile.

3. Strategy is First step, then another
Strategy. This is the first word that you should come to mind when creating a profile on a social network. Many companies, aware of the potential of social networks, open profiles on each and every one of the networks they know but then, there is a strategy for each. In all published the same, with the same frequency and the same. We must be clear on what social networks want to be and why and what we discard. How will we communicate with users on those networks, which types of users we care for each of them, what content we offer, etc…

4. Where was I?

If you do not update frequently, will be more difficult for you to concentrate on the conversation and that users follow the updates. It is practically impossible to follow a conversation that takes up once a month or once a week. If we do not update often, we will find lost. The content may not be relevant to users if you do not update often. It will be easier if you elaborate publications plan so that you will always know what to publish.

5. Careful what you say
You have to be especially careful about what we say in social networks, we do not want to offend anyone. In fact, the more neutral than the comments better. If we are to make any assessment of facts, we should be very sure of the position we are going to take before making the comment. If the person has social networking is someone outside the company, should have guidelines with which to guide if in doubt.

6. The more the merrier

It’s not about getting the highest number of fans or followers as possible but to get those that interest you. Here is not to pretend but to generate community. Do you prefer quiet or 10 100 fans to comment? Choose well your friends and users and be aware of why you choose.

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