How to be more creative in your actions Online Marketing?

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How to be more creative in your actions Online Marketing

How to be more creative in your actions Online Marketing

Creativity is related to the generation of new ideas or concepts that usually produce original solutions . But when implementing it, what works for one company may not be useful for another.

The concept of creativity is complex. Being creative is more than an adjective. It is an innate gift but rather a process that we must develop and exercise daily to maintain our open mind and nourishing of diverse inspirations.

Business Creativity Tips

According to article creativity is present in virtually all marketing activities .

Without creativity, a company can not innovate without innovation the company could not improve and evolve, becoming obsolete and being overtaken by the competition.

In hundreds of internet sites will offer daily tips and ideas on creativity focused on Marketing. Listed below are some selected items on which we found interesting to share with you:

  • How to apply creativity to marketing in general.
  • The benefits of encouraging creativity within the company.
  • Tips for encouraging creativity in teams.
  • How do marketing on a budget.

What if a Brainstorming tests?

The brainstorming is a group technique to generate ideas that can be very effective as part of a creative process. Is typically used to look for alternatives in problem solving, decision making, innovation processes, etc…

How It Works Group members provide for a preset time, the largest possible number of ideas about a topic or problem. It is very important to understand that this process cannot be judge or criticize the opinions or ideas of others.

If you are thinking of doing a brainstorming but do not know how to start, consider these recommendations :

  • Number of participants: To achieve best results, the ideal number of participants is between 6 and 10 . Fewer participants can affect the diversity of ideas and can turn the process into chaos.
  • Type profiles: Choose people with profiles and different approaches undoubtedly enrich the creative process since you will have ideas and distinct points of view.
  • Moderator: You must appoint a person to lead and coordinate the process. It is very important to have the ability to create the right environment for all people to express themselves freely. It will be the charge to write down or record the ideas generated.

Tips for Your Next Email Marketing Campaign

Why should be creative in our email marketing campaigns? There is an undeniable reality: Users receive dozens of emails daily in their boxes. And here comes into play the creativity to achieve apart from the crowd.

The first challenge is to choose a subject sufficiently attractive original to draw the user’s attention and lead to open your email. So it only remains to overcome the second obstacle: the user to read the contents of the email and click on the links or calls to action you’ve included. : Making it Work and Design Containing fresh, interesting and original.

As mentioned, creativity in Email Marketing can be applied in different ways . For example, you can use different templates, modify the date and time of delivery of the campaign, segmented into different groups your database etc…

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