5 Questions for Your Social Media Strategy

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5 Questions for Your Social Media Strategy

5 Questions for Your Social Media Strategy

You have your Facebook profile, your Twitter  account? But do you know exactly what you need to do? Or you’re there just because everyone talks about it and you think it might be good for business? But is it that you are on the right because there are many others.

Why on social networks?

Ok every day you hear it by Facebook, Twitter and there, but do you know Google+, Pinterest, Viadeo, Linkedin, Foursquare, Slideshare, and the list is still very long.

To choose which social network to go it will depend on your industry, a photographer will go to Pinterest to expose his shots, a head hunter (do not worry they are nice hunters) will prefer Viadeo and LinkedIn.

Before rushing headlong on Facebook or Twitter, you will have to determine your short and long term, do you want to improve your brand awareness, acquire new customers or retain old? Or maybe a bit of everything.

Where are your customers?

Before you decide on your strategy to adopt on social networks, it will be good to take some time to listen to what is said about your industry. Try to find out what your customers or future customers expect from you on social media.

This observation period will be important because it is what is going to define your individual goals but also to find out where you will be able to speak to people who have an ear to your words.

Also take the time to look at what your competitors are doing already, the positive but also negative this helps for the future.

How to start?

It is the observation period is over and you really start to integrate social media into your business part. Think about what you think about every day on various social networks, do not talk to you that as you will quickly annoy people that follow you. Try to set up an editorial for you to navigate and organize everything. Publications vary between texts, photos, videos, questions, games.

How will you achieve your goals?

You’re starting fix many objectives and hope a lot of social media. But if you are on these media is mainly to create customer relationships and make them more human and accessible your business to consumers.

To reach the largest number you will need to share content that will interest them. Every day is a new challenge as you will find information that everyone expected and that no one has heard of. Not easy you say? For that you can help our great friend Scoop.it to help you in your sleep and daily duration.

How will you measure the results?

Finally last but not least how do you know if you fit the right strategy and is it beneficial to your business?

It is true that it is very difficult to measure the return on investment (ROI) on social networks. But you can still do a lot of correlation between the analytics of your site, your posts on social media, your engagement rate.

But that being said about social media is a long-term do not expect to see either your sales off sharply from your first week. Unless you have made a huge buzz.

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