New Ways to Reach Customer

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New Ways to Reach Customer

New Ways to Reach Customer

In the same way that brands are losing power and influence among its audience, users are enhancing their ability to respond, in part thanks to new communication technologies, such as mobile phones or the Internet.

This shows unequal relationship communication difficulties not only for advertisers to connect with their audience but also the existence of a process of social change that began after the 1973 crisis with the birth of the Information Society.

THE New Consumer

The trends that support this new way of looking at consumer are security, simplification, personalization, pleasure and of course, knowledge. Although some of these features seem contradictory at first glance, they are all interrelated and are part of this new stage of consumption, which also coexists with other forms of more traditional consumers.

Not all people are interested and looking for information on the products they consume to improve their quality of life, there are other, more impressionable, who are led by major trends and styles. On the other hand, lack of time and need to make quick decisions, but effective, causes a state of stress or anxiety, which has been called “information anxiety”.

In the same way, the consumer will be involved more or less in the purchase decision process, depending on the product category, price, of the associated risks and, most importantly, his personality.

For this reason, in the professional field of advertising communication are analyzed mainly intimate and personal influences that encourage buy some products and reject others. Beyond price, brand, design and even promotions, one of the main reasons for buying is the recommendation of friends and family in which fully trust.

Web 2.0 and Social Networks

The Network is the key term for understanding the social transformation of the last 20 years. However, there is a total breakdown, but rather a social paradigm shift has been called “individualism in Red”, by which people construct their social relations driven more by personal interests or the geographical proximity of their residence.

The group where you can best appreciate the domain of networked individualism is the young, especially those of the digital generation, who have grown naturally with new tools that multiply their communication possibilities. In fact, the youth has been the driving force of some technologies and the head of its mass, especially mobile and internet, these young people are the actors of Web 2.0.

In fact, the buzz word in the technological environment is the Web 2.0, which is seamlessly networked social settings or rather, in networks. Web 2.0, also called “social web” or “web of people” refers to a change of mind on how to use Internet resources which together with a new generation of tools has encouraged production content by the users themselves and the relationships between them.

Web 2.0 services are characterized by using, in creative and collaborative information to improve their potential. This is expressed in the user interface development agile and flexible that improve the experience of the Internet and the creation of a series of Web services for content management.

In this context of change, advertising seeks new ways to attract the attention of consumers, as a result of the weakening of the mass communication model. It is not the “death” of the current advertising model but a depletion caused mainly by external factors such as social transformation and new technologies, which offer greater power to users, and internal factors such as the advertising saturation, strong competitiveness between companies and the emergence of new media.

Therefore, it presents a complex picture both advertising agencies and advertisers, because individuals are aware of their role in the consumer society, they become immune to advertising messages, especially those lacking typical creativity or credibility.

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