Best Ways To Make Guest Posting

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Best ways to make guest posting

Best ways to make guest posting

Promoting your business through blogging, and guest blogging is one of the best way to do. Guest blogging is useful because it attracts traffic and inbound link as well; therefore by doing this you will be able to develop new relations with your viewers, this will automatically help you in gaining a good industry reputation. If your plan doesn’t go well then it will easily backfire on it will end up soon and easily without any result.

The main thing in the blog is content you need to take care of content every time and have to be very careful about writing whether it is for your own site or you is writing for someone else. The blog should contain quality like an informative and at the same time pleasant read as well. Remember one thing when you are blogging for others website the stakes will be higher. So if you are doing guest blogging then so plan carefully and execution as well.

Select Website Carefully

When you will go online you will find that there is the number of websites who accepts the guest blogging. But it is not necessary that the entire website will fit your blogs. It is a bit tough to find the website which is relevant to your subject, but it is not that hard job as well.

For getting desired results, post on those sites which is closely related to your subject. If you will try to upload your articles on an irrelevant website than visitor won’t like to read your blog and in result you won’t get the link of SEO.

Select the Reputed Website

All websites may not fit into your post because many websites might be new and may unpopular. So if you post your blogs there than there are high chances of going unread. Moreover, search engines tend to acquire the link which comes from the established sites. So the link equity you get from there is not desirable. So try to gather hold of popular websites for your blog.

Proper Writing

It is necessary to have the quality content in your blog. Your writing should show the readers the best of your abilities. There are two reasons about its importance; first and the main reason is that the search engine gives better ranks to those whose content contains quality. And secondly, blog communities are not big. So if you think that your post is not up to the mark so simply it means you don’t have quality content. Taking chances with content is simply foolishness.

Put Keywords

Use Google keyword tool so it will help your content to compete with search engines. So if you see that your keyword has come up from the tough competition, then you may contain a different topic suggested by the tool.

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Use of Instagram for getting more Customers

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Use of Instagram for getting more Customers

Use of Instagram for getting more Customers

Visual marketing is making his own place in the market, and Instagram is one of the leading ways into it and also dominate the photo-sharing space. Facebook has been introduced in the market as a social media platform, after that in a year only Instagram has been launched. It has been observed that over 500percent of user data increased in that platform. This is being observed from the study of social media analysis.

The study has also analyzed that, top brands use Pintrest rather than using Instagram, but the Instagram having a collective user database of more than 7 million followers, compared to 500,000 on Pintrest. It is also observed that every second 1000 comments are posted and also more than 8500 photos are being like on Instagram.

In the month of May, Instagram has introduced the new feature “Photos of You” in this feature you are able to tag photos same as Facebook. By this following feature, users were allowed to tag their photos easily to any people and brands as well in any photo – and this can be viewed easily at one spot.

In the past, before the following feature introduced, the users were not able to tag anyone in their picture, and also there was no designated area for this as well. Hashtags are useful feature but eventually it is lost somewhere in the sea of photos, which are not related to any specific user. The new feature creates a separate tab in your profile, where you can view all of the photos in which your account is tagged. You can also adjust your settings so that nothing appears on your profile until you approve it.

So, if you impel the Instagram for business purposes, this will also put impact on your brand. Photos of You can increase your customer engagement and visibility among Instagram 100 million monthly users, the company asserts.

Visibility and Customer Engagement
“Whether you are a fashion designer or you are in the field of construction you share all your photos here, which will tell the whole story of your work and also will give you a new way to introduce yourself on Instagram and also you will get engaged with your followers,” Instagram explains in the blog post.

If you are a beginner, the push notifications which are involved with tagged photos is an essentially effortless technique for user engagement, because users will like to come back to your page to view the photo which you have tagged them.

When users are tagged in your brand, they will definitely give you credibility – and also they will share the photos if they love it, this will put your brand in front of more potential customers.

By using these following methods it will give you an opportunity to connect with top authorities. Tagging them in one of your brand’s photos gives them exclusivity, and prompts them to share the photo with their followers as well. Nothing is as simple as reposting a photo which they have taken with your brand or one of your products, and tag them in the photo and this allows you to connect with them automatically.

Moderate Content and Marketing Campaigns

The new feature of Instagram “Photos of You” gives you the option to moderate photos and also you can choose one for showing up in the news feed. The following option comes with privacy options raised by Facebook‘s tagging feature, which allowed friends and fans to view unwanted and even inappropriate photos before they were approved by the person or brand that had been tagged. Now Instagram assist your photos based on the specific brand story you want to tell.

Marketing campaigns which are user generated is ideally for customer engagement. It has been studied that 65 millennial users consider information from social media while they are making any purchase decision. You success ratio will be increased with a call to action, so encourage your followers from today itself to submit a snapshot of your campaign and also by tagging you in it as well.

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Transition from Cost-Per-Conversion to AdWords Metrics 2.0

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cost per conversion

cost per conversion

AdWords advertisements include the use of certain metrics. Some of the most commonly used metrics by the AdWords advertisers are – Value per conversion, Cost per conversion, Conversions and CTR. By employing these metrics, you can find ads that fetch you huge traffic consisting of a large number of conversions. You can also find these ads at the minimum price, while fetching you a high level of overall revenue. Cost per conversion metric suffers from certain disadvantages, which make it ineligible t be used in certain applications. This article discusses as to why you should discontinue the use of Cost per conversion and go for AdWords metrics 2.0.

Lately, the best practices in AdWords are no longer applicable, owing to the changes made by Google and its addition of new features to AdWords. This calls for some changes in the metrics for convenience of use.

Demerits of Cost per Conversion:

The importance of Cost per conversion is far lesser than Conversion Value/Cost. Cost per conversion does not need you to have a set goal. Rather than having a goal set, it is more important that with each scale, you are having a specific margin amount. For a specific keyword, if you find the conversion value to be quite high, then you will be capable of having a higher cost per conversion, as compared to other keywords having lower value of conversion.

A good example is the companies selling wallets, luggage, backpacks and other such items. The company sells a wallet at a low cost of about $10 – $20. In order to have a ratio of revenue-to –cost as 5-1, the coat per conversion that you need to have will be around $2-$4.

However, the cost shows a good amount of rise in case of the sale of suitcases. In this case, the average sale is in the rage of $100-$200, even when the cheapest suitcases are sold. You still need to have a ratio of 5-1. So, you can opt to go for a cost of conversion of about $20-$40, which is about 10 times greater than your previous one.

Sometimes, the sales of luggage are much higher, as families mostly purchase suitcases for each and every member of the family at the same time. This may cause the order to reach about $500. In such a case, you can afford paying a high amount as cost per conversion.

Conversion value/cost allows you for setting precise, on the spot bids, which do not need any further spreadsheets, integrations or calculations. This metric is quite efficient when you use adwords scripts for managing your bid.

AdWords management:

You can enable the metric of conversion value/cost, in your campaign of AdWords. By enabling this metric in your account, you will be gaining a huge knowledge about the way of setting your bidding.

A number of new advertisers are afraid of the aspect of bid management in AdWords management. Implementation of this metric would make the aspect of bid management easier to them.


Thus, rather than using cost per conversion, it is better to go for the AdWords metrics 2.0. The bid management becomes a really easy task by doing such. 

Summary: Cost per conversion has several disadvantages. Adwords metrics 2.0 offer many benefits for bid management to the advertisers.

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How Do You Leverage Content Marketing To Avoid Penguin 2.0?

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How Do You Leverage Content Marketing To Avoid Penguin 2.0

How Do You Leverage Content Marketing To Avoid Penguin 2.0

The old SEO strategies are increasingly obsolete, and this is because now the SEO experts have found a useful way to achieve ranker site with content marketing.

Content marketing has always helped sites to achieve a good position within the search results and unless the algorithms change drastically, this will continue.

Content marketing is a strategy that combines several features, generate traffic, and increase web visibility and brand presence. The various options through which you can generate content marketing are: images, infographics, videos and even text.

Marketing does not mean new SEO content, always has been and always will be. The objective is to disseminate information more users and publicize a brand. But towards the very nature of content, users will share, create links naturally, greatly improving a website’s position in search results.

SEO is not limited only to optimize pages for search engines, covers a wide range of activities ranging from improving user experience with the website, to ensure dissemination of content as computer graphics and videos.

Google Updates, Penguin 2.0

Titles and descriptions: It remains one of the most misunderstood, but one of the most important. A good tip is to make sure there are no duplicates, should not be too long nor too should be optimized, not to include too many keywords.

Anchor text: too optimized Keywords are not a good recommendation, it is best to create links in the most natural way, as most people would.

Incoming and outgoing links: Running test can help detect links manipulative techniques. If the results show that at least 50% of the links are questionable, this can throw the positioning of a website.

Page Speed: Google analyzes the time it takes to fully open a website, if it takes too long, the user experience will be negative, so fast loading speed is a good criterion to help position a site.

Redirects: For those pages that were already positioned but were eliminated, add a 301 redirect, which tells Google that the site was moved and must follow. The URL must be canonical, many already know, but some people still do not use this type of address.

Alt Attributes: No need optimizer with too many keywords. When images replace text, write naturally information will help Google index the content correctly.

Tracking problems: Webmaster tools are a powerful tool that helps detect errors in the pages. Review this utility frequently helps troubleshoot and maintain the position of a page.

Malware: Usually, Google sends an email when a site is infected with malware, but is not always the case. To prevent reinfection and if, fix quickly, it is advisable to perform a periodic review in search of these threats.

This is only a small list of the many tasks that can be done to prevent the arrival of Penguin 2.0, however, the best recommendation I can make is to never engage in tactics that Google lists as spam. Although initially good results are obtained, then the site will sink into the results page.

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What Is Google Panda And How It Affects The Content Of The Websites?

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What Is Google Panda And How It Affects The Content Of The Websites

What Is Google Panda And How It Affects The Content Of The Websites

How did your site after ran the Panda algorithm? Many publishers were “beaten” by the change that Google made to its algorithm, and today is the date they have failed to revive their websites. And although no announcements have been updates on the algorithm, Panda remains.

This should not be alarmed because it is a good learning opportunity to leverage this change has left us experience in web publishing strategies.

In many places affected by the change that made Google, conflict is found in the lack of differentiation of content within the main sections of the portal. Now let’s look because priority is given to the realization of different content. Suppose a user performs a search, click on the link and access a portal to your home page, and after a while discovered that the page does not offer what you need, the content has not been satisfactory. Do you think that if the index information was not to his liking will want to find similar information in other sections?

This notion gives us the guidelines to assign greater weight to the creation of texts, images and different information within our website. Contemplate that not all brands are going to be market leaders, therefore, do not just mimic what your competition, you must generate your own identity to give you the opportunity to making choices that not only differ by the name.

What is Panda?

Panda is a content classifier. The sites considered of good quality, are those where users perform more searches and have a sufficient supply of content, those sites in which these requirements were not met, they became part of the sites of poor quality.

Some tips on differentiation content

The different content is not everything. Make a website with different content will not give the desired positioning. This differentiator should be visible to users and search engines. You must make it visible

If your web pages do not have any element that makes them different, however, seem all landing page, the algorithm will consider of poor quality.

Do not think like a machine. You keep thinking like you’re a programming code. Indeed, the importance of considering the algorithm when generating a content, it is still important, is not above creating a more pleasant browsing experience for users.

Analyze keyword density on our site; we will give an idea of ​​which we have regarded the Internet in creating our site. Another important factor is the integration site sections. If all pages of your site are focused on generating conversions and the elements of the page have no relevance Panda will send you to its blacklist of sites.


The need to create authentic content increases daily. End users have become more demanding, and the search engines like Google and Bing want to satisfy them.

The internet is a tool accessible to users and vendors; therefore, people do not want to find millions of sources that offer exactly the same. It is important to avoid content equal to enrich the experience of Internet users.

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5 Reasons why video marketing rocks

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5 Reasons why video marketing rocks

5 Reasons why video marketing rocks

There are more than five reasons, but if this article listed them all then your eyes would be bleeding by the end of it. The fact is that video marketing rocks and that is why it has been around for so long. Video marketing as you know it, involved every single TV and cinema advertisement that you have ever seen. But, now video marketing has expanded.

Now, video marketing also includes the videos you post online. In the old days when YouTube was a twinkle in some PayPal employees’ eyes (Steve Chen, Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley), and when videos took twenty minutes to load, the idea of video marketing was kept in board rooms. Video marketing was either in advert form, or was kept in the board room to bore entrepreneurs and other clients. But now, thanks to social media, video embedding and broadband Internet you can spread your video around the net faster than a long haired kid spreads nits around a pre-school class.

This is the reason why video marketing is able to rock at all, so here are five reasons why it rocks of its own account.

1 – You can provide video evidence for the claims you make

Video evidence is supposed to be definitive by modern standards. Video surveillance is set up on order to provide evidence against criminals and malcontents. And, quite often, if video evidence is presented in court, then it is enough to secure a conviction. So, using video evidence to back up your claims about your products or services is a good idea.

For example, if you claim that your product opens tin cans within just one second, then lots of people are not going to believe your claim. But, they will be unable to deny your claim if they see your product open a can within a second on a video. Better still, you can disseminate this video as much as you like, and the people who have seen it already will not mind (as they will simply not click the advert to watch it again, so needn’t be concerned if it appears on the pages they land on).

2 – You can show your product in action

There is nothing better than showing people how great your product is when it is in action. It gives people an impression of your device that pictures and text never could. This is even true of services, where you can show your service personnel doing their job efficiently and professionally. You can even break a few stereotypes, such as showing your taxi drivers being efficient or showing your builders not leaving a mess.

3 – You can appeal to the people who like to watch instead of read

There are plenty of internet users out there who do not like to read. These are the sort of people who will appreciate a message via video instead of via text or images. Even a PowerPoint video presentation is better than still images or text for some people.

4 – You can use personality and charm to convince people

A marketing video can be created and made to team with personality and charm. Even if it is an animation, the voice over or the voice acting can be so full of charm that people will want to watch it again and again.

5 – You can spread it around as much as you like

This is a benefit of video marketing that you cannot enjoy with written content. The search engines do not like written content to be repeated (duplicated) too much online. This means that if you have a great piece of copywriting, then you have to either use it very infrequently or place it on an image file. Otherwise, the websites holding your copy are going to be punished for holding your content.

This is not the case with videos or images. These are files and so are not subject to duplication rules in the same way that text is. This means you could put your video advert onto every website that litters the Internet and still not be punished by a search engine. You could not do this with written text.

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How to Leverage Your Blog to Generate Income on the Internet

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How to Leverage Your Blog to Generate Income on the Internet

How to Leverage Your Blog to Generate Income on the Internet

If you already have a blog because, you may also be able to leverage its expertise in generating revenue on the Internet with your blog.

Let’s look at some ways you can make money with your blog.

1.) Generate Income from Internet – Advertising

Get traffic to your blog is not only important in regard to people to know the content of your blog, but also this can be seen as attractive to certain people seeking places to advertise.

If you convert your blog on a very popular blog, people will want to advertise their products on your site, because they know that a lot of people can have access to it.

This makes your site is potentially viable for advertising, so you can charge those who are interested in promoting their products and services on your blog. If you become an expert in your niche, you can really get a lot out of this and generate income online.

2.) Generate Income On the internet – Online courses and eBooks

Do you have much knowledge about something? If you are a serious blogger, chances are it is. This can be capitalized offering readers online courses or electronic books that are related to your blog matter.

You do not necessarily have to do or prepare these courses or electronic books, in the market there are people who can do this work for you and you can simply give them some guidelines for processing.

Creating this kind of products, will make your reputation as an expert increases exponentially and the other products it offers, will be easier to sell.

3). Generate Income From Internet – Memberships 

Following the last idea, you can also create a paid membership club on this blog. People can make a monthly payment for quality information and knowledge you can become a revenue generator.

Remember though, it is always important to maintain a good quality of its content, especially if the monthly payment shall undertake the information you provide.

4)  Generate Income From Internet – Recommend Products

Affiliate programs such as or, are a great way to receive a commission as an affiliate. If people trust on you what you are talking about, you will hear when you recommend a product or service.

You can add an affiliate link on your blog to ensure that if they buy the book or product you have recommended, get a percentage of the profits.

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