How to make a Mobile Marketing Campaign

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How to make a Mobile Marketing Campaign

How to make a Mobile Marketing Campaign

The communication channels are being revolutionized by what they call Mobile marketing, where a low budget you can get a big impact.

Advantages of Mobile Marketing are numerous and depend on the type of business, focus, etc.. It is also important that the power of loyalty can have a user directly linking the brand to the person interacting with it, creating a direct channel between the brand and the client by client applications that always brings in the Mobile.

Important Actions for Mobile Marketing

In most cases we will have to start from scratch, or design a smaller version, with brief and concise information on our website adapted to mobile, in fact exists as joomla programs that allow an export of our website to its mobile version .

This mobile version of the site must contain some highlights if you want it to be fully accessible: proper design so you can see easily in any type and brand of device, easy to navigate with your thumb and for different hand sizes, speed optimized load, especially when the terminals normally velocity is reduced. And last but not least navigation must be simple and clear search functions.

It is important to be included in Buenos Directories Online

The most important thing is to be well positioned to meet our customers quickly and easily, as occurs with normal web, trying as in any campaign that we receive many relevant links as possible. We help you in this regard, being present in sites well positioned and also if these directories are in our industry the better. Most of the time these directories are free but bear in mind that there are other very relevant payment Is it worth it?, You have to try and draw your own conclusions.

Proximity Mobile Marketing

This type of Mobile Marketing automatically searches terminals that move in their environment and are equipped with Bluetooth, communications throwing deals, movie etc…

Make SMS-MMS Campaign

This is a channel that you get a great impact since many mobile users read the message, getting a big return, of course unlike bluetooth campaigns, these customers and / or users must be discharged database in trade or establishment. The rental databases usually gives few and bad results. not a good mobile marketing friend. time these directories are free but bear in mind that there are other very relevant payment Is it worth it?, You have to try and draw your own conclusions.

The message must carry a call to action and a real value for recipients; it should not be very frequent because it would be considered as spam in addition to tire your audience. It is essential to measure the results of the various campaigns in order to keep improving and increasing their profitability.

Use QR codes in your campaigns

These are an evolution of barcodes that provide users with lots of information on any products or services through the scan from the phone.

Such applications that are installed on the Smartphone are usually free as “Qr Reader”. With them we do promotions, direct our audience to the Web, show promotional video and much more.

Use Mobile Marketing “SOLOMO”

The aim is to implement strategies tailored to different segments and targets in which mobility and location play an important value. There is that sharing these experiences on social networks, as it can be one of the favorite activities of these users, taking as an example “socialmedia influences”.

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