What are Social Media and its Impact on Marketing Communication

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What are Social Media and its Impact on Marketing Communication

What are Social Media and its Impact on Marketing Communication

The social networks, also called social media, refer to the way in which you use the tools technology for communication between people. However, in concept goes beyond simple communication or a particular technology platform, as it is a community of people gathered in one place, which have interests or activities in common.

These people connected together generate more contacts related to your interests, tastes, desires and needs of both social and commercial purposes. Social network is the meeting point, place or space where these people live together to share experiences, knowledge and meet other people.

The point is that the social networks allow the interconnection and interaction between people around the world , primarily on the basis of interests and tastes, as well as personal relationships with each other.

The main social networks that are being used in the 2013 are, in order of importance, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Flickr and Foursquare .

Effects of Social Networks on the Marketing

One of the effects of social networks or social media, in connection with the marketing communication is that it allows brands (companies and individuals) to create an audience, especially when they are new or little known in the world online.

Also, here is where it really matters, you build a relationship with that audience, brands offer valuable and useful content for your audience and responds to all this activity, taking into account the products or services that you offer as an option in the best and last of the cases. Another of the big reasons to do marketing with social networks is very important today for brands is that it has large economic benefits.

First, if we see it as a saving, it is cheaper to do marketing through social networks than any other traditional means, yes, the greatest resource we need to invest is time, because to build rapport you need time.

Finally, the second marketing economics of social networks is that it is cost effective allows brands to generate revenue, both short and long term, depending on the goals and strategies that have been raised.

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