Top 5 social media management tools

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Top 5 social media management tools

Top 5 social media management tools

The person who is working as an online internet marketer, for any period, knows how important role social media plays. A marketer who is serious about making money online then he or she won’t ignore to afford it. Social websites like Facebook, Pintrest, and Twitter has become the center of attraction for the people in the web or attraction. These sites attract thousands of users each day. Each of these users is the potential buyer, so using social media in your marketing campaign has become essential.

A time spending task?

There are certain myths have been set that setting and managing social media campaigns needs more time. But fortunately, there are many tools available nowadays which can help you. These tools will help you to organize and form your social media campaigns, and at the same time also will help you to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.


It’s an all in one solution as a social media tool.

By using Hootsuite you can set up and manage all big fat social media campaigns including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, MySpace, Four Square and Mixi. Even also you can use this for WordPress.

In addition, to this you can also add other social media sites to your subscription. In case, if you want to run campaigns on Instagram, Reddit, Tumblr, Vimeo, YouTube, Salesforce or on any other lesser known platforms, you can run that also with the help of the Hootsuite.

It’s a platform which provides you a range of mobile apps. While travelling also this allows you to use dashboard, which is very important for modern marketers.  The nature of social media means that a campaign can take off out of nowhere. In the following situation you need to quickly setup the campaign on other platforms, to take the advantage of the buzz. With the exact Hootsuite mobile app, you can do that exactly.


One of the most difficult things in social media marketing is to select the campaigns that which campaigns are working and which are not. There is a vast amount of data to wade through anything, so that helps with this is invaluable.

The particular tool gives you the track record of the two major platforms; Twitter and Facebook. It picks up the responses like; impressions, likes, dislikes, re-tweets, replies and comments. On a daily basis you will receive and email of the report. This will help you to analyze your social media campaigns on a daily basis. Using this tool, you can see when is the best time to send out information and updates. You can also see which kinds of customers respond to which type of marketing.

Muck Rack

The following tool is one of the unusual tools and the tool which is rarely mentioned, but it is amazing and powerful. It is a social media which helps you to connect with mainstream journalist. You will be allowed to see live that what currently journalist is discussing on Twitter. You can therefore use the package to send pitches to journalists who are looking for leads for your kind of stories. A single press release in a national newspaper can make sales go through the roof, so this is a tool that is well worth looking into.

Analyze and quickly you will come to know which works for you, so you will be able to find the tool which is helpful to you and which meets your need. If you don’t research and you will do nothing then you are completely wasting your time and you will be struggling to manage your social media campaigns. Possibly it’s the right time to buy a tool or to try a free one.

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