Are you interested in selling Online?

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Online shopping concept.

Online shopping concept.

Online Sales

The vendors of products and services available to its customers a website where they can view images of products read their specifications and finally purchase. This service gives the customer rapidly in buying, the ability to do it from anywhere. Some online stores include in-house product page user manuals so that the customer can get an idea in advance of what you’re getting; also include the facility for pre-qualified buyers and evaluate the product.

Depending on who the recipient of their services or products, we talk about:

  • B2C (Business to Consumer) sales to final consumers
  • B2A (Business to Administration): sale to government
  • B2B (Business to Business) sales for other companies

We analyze some points because it’s interesting to have a online presence.

It is significantly cheaper than the physical store:

The internet world offers fairly advertising opportunities cheaper than the traditional physical store or either by the presence and visibility in search engines naturally (SEO) and paid ads PPC (SEM).

You can also take advantage of proximity marketing to attract customers who are near your physical trade.

It’s easier to jump abroad:

You do not need big investments, just a website designed in various languages ​​and payment methods appropriate to each country, investments will depend on the volume you want to achieve.

Your sales Offline:

There is a large percentage of customers looking online and buy offline. If you have physical presence can increase sales thanks to the presence virtual. Specifically, 35% of users search through web, what to buy and then approach the traditional property to buy. 


Internet is the perfect place for niche market. Being specialized search engine rankings and to identify and attract the target audience is much easier.

Buyers have specific needs or desires similar: usually consist of very particular needs or desires, and who also have a degree of complexity so, this group is willing to pay an “extra” to purchase the product or service that meets their expectations. 

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