5 Reasons why video marketing rocks

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5 Reasons why video marketing rocks

5 Reasons why video marketing rocks

There are more than five reasons, but if this article listed them all then your eyes would be bleeding by the end of it. The fact is that video marketing rocks and that is why it has been around for so long. Video marketing as you know it, involved every single TV and cinema advertisement that you have ever seen. But, now video marketing has expanded.

Now, video marketing also includes the videos you post online. In the old days when YouTube was a twinkle in some PayPal employees’ eyes (Steve Chen, Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley), and when videos took twenty minutes to load, the idea of video marketing was kept in board rooms. Video marketing was either in advert form, or was kept in the board room to bore entrepreneurs and other clients. But now, thanks to social media, video embedding and broadband Internet you can spread your video around the net faster than a long haired kid spreads nits around a pre-school class.

This is the reason why video marketing is able to rock at all, so here are five reasons why it rocks of its own account.

1 – You can provide video evidence for the claims you make

Video evidence is supposed to be definitive by modern standards. Video surveillance is set up on order to provide evidence against criminals and malcontents. And, quite often, if video evidence is presented in court, then it is enough to secure a conviction. So, using video evidence to back up your claims about your products or services is a good idea.

For example, if you claim that your product opens tin cans within just one second, then lots of people are not going to believe your claim. But, they will be unable to deny your claim if they see your product open a can within a second on a video. Better still, you can disseminate this video as much as you like, and the people who have seen it already will not mind (as they will simply not click the advert to watch it again, so needn’t be concerned if it appears on the pages they land on).

2 – You can show your product in action

There is nothing better than showing people how great your product is when it is in action. It gives people an impression of your device that pictures and text never could. This is even true of services, where you can show your service personnel doing their job efficiently and professionally. You can even break a few stereotypes, such as showing your taxi drivers being efficient or showing your builders not leaving a mess.

3 – You can appeal to the people who like to watch instead of read

There are plenty of internet users out there who do not like to read. These are the sort of people who will appreciate a message via video instead of via text or images. Even a PowerPoint video presentation is better than still images or text for some people.

4 – You can use personality and charm to convince people

A marketing video can be created and made to team with personality and charm. Even if it is an animation, the voice over or the voice acting can be so full of charm that people will want to watch it again and again.

5 – You can spread it around as much as you like

This is a benefit of video marketing that you cannot enjoy with written content. The search engines do not like written content to be repeated (duplicated) too much online. This means that if you have a great piece of copywriting, then you have to either use it very infrequently or place it on an image file. Otherwise, the websites holding your copy are going to be punished for holding your content.

This is not the case with videos or images. These are files and so are not subject to duplication rules in the same way that text is. This means you could put your video advert onto every website that litters the Internet and still not be punished by a search engine. You could not do this with written text.

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