What Is Google Panda And How It Affects The Content Of The Websites?

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What Is Google Panda And How It Affects The Content Of The Websites

What Is Google Panda And How It Affects The Content Of The Websites

How did your site after ran the Panda algorithm? Many publishers were “beaten” by the change that Google made to its algorithm, and today is the date they have failed to revive their websites. And although no announcements have been updates on the algorithm, Panda remains.

This should not be alarmed because it is a good learning opportunity to leverage this change has left us experience in web publishing strategies.

In many places affected by the change that made Google, conflict is found in the lack of differentiation of content within the main sections of the portal. Now let’s look because priority is given to the realization of different content. Suppose a user performs a search, click on the link and access a portal to your home page, and after a while discovered that the page does not offer what you need, the content has not been satisfactory. Do you think that if the index information was not to his liking will want to find similar information in other sections?

This notion gives us the guidelines to assign greater weight to the creation of texts, images and different information within our website. Contemplate that not all brands are going to be market leaders, therefore, do not just mimic what your competition, you must generate your own identity to give you the opportunity to making choices that not only differ by the name.

What is Panda?

Panda is a content classifier. The sites considered of good quality, are those where users perform more searches and have a sufficient supply of content, those sites in which these requirements were not met, they became part of the sites of poor quality.

Some tips on differentiation content

The different content is not everything. Make a website with different content will not give the desired positioning. This differentiator should be visible to users and search engines. You must make it visible

If your web pages do not have any element that makes them different, however, seem all landing page, the algorithm will consider of poor quality.

Do not think like a machine. You keep thinking like you’re a programming code. Indeed, the importance of considering the algorithm when generating a content, it is still important, is not above creating a more pleasant browsing experience for users.

Analyze keyword density on our site; we will give an idea of ​​which we have regarded the Internet in creating our site. Another important factor is the integration site sections. If all pages of your site are focused on generating conversions and the elements of the page have no relevance Panda will send you to its blacklist of sites.


The need to create authentic content increases daily. End users have become more demanding, and the search engines like Google and Bing want to satisfy them.

The internet is a tool accessible to users and vendors; therefore, people do not want to find millions of sources that offer exactly the same. It is important to avoid content equal to enrich the experience of Internet users.

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