Use of Instagram for getting more Customers

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Use of Instagram for getting more Customers

Use of Instagram for getting more Customers

Visual marketing is making his own place in the market, and Instagram is one of the leading ways into it and also dominate the photo-sharing space. Facebook has been introduced in the market as a social media platform, after that in a year only Instagram has been launched. It has been observed that over 500percent of user data increased in that platform. This is being observed from the study of social media analysis.

The study has also analyzed that, top brands use Pintrest rather than using Instagram, but the Instagram having a collective user database of more than 7 million followers, compared to 500,000 on Pintrest. It is also observed that every second 1000 comments are posted and also more than 8500 photos are being like on Instagram.

In the month of May, Instagram has introduced the new feature “Photos of You” in this feature you are able to tag photos same as Facebook. By this following feature, users were allowed to tag their photos easily to any people and brands as well in any photo – and this can be viewed easily at one spot.

In the past, before the following feature introduced, the users were not able to tag anyone in their picture, and also there was no designated area for this as well. Hashtags are useful feature but eventually it is lost somewhere in the sea of photos, which are not related to any specific user. The new feature creates a separate tab in your profile, where you can view all of the photos in which your account is tagged. You can also adjust your settings so that nothing appears on your profile until you approve it.

So, if you impel the Instagram for business purposes, this will also put impact on your brand. Photos of You can increase your customer engagement and visibility among Instagram 100 million monthly users, the company asserts.

Visibility and Customer Engagement
“Whether you are a fashion designer or you are in the field of construction you share all your photos here, which will tell the whole story of your work and also will give you a new way to introduce yourself on Instagram and also you will get engaged with your followers,” Instagram explains in the blog post.

If you are a beginner, the push notifications which are involved with tagged photos is an essentially effortless technique for user engagement, because users will like to come back to your page to view the photo which you have tagged them.

When users are tagged in your brand, they will definitely give you credibility – and also they will share the photos if they love it, this will put your brand in front of more potential customers.

By using these following methods it will give you an opportunity to connect with top authorities. Tagging them in one of your brand’s photos gives them exclusivity, and prompts them to share the photo with their followers as well. Nothing is as simple as reposting a photo which they have taken with your brand or one of your products, and tag them in the photo and this allows you to connect with them automatically.

Moderate Content and Marketing Campaigns

The new feature of Instagram “Photos of You” gives you the option to moderate photos and also you can choose one for showing up in the news feed. The following option comes with privacy options raised by Facebook‘s tagging feature, which allowed friends and fans to view unwanted and even inappropriate photos before they were approved by the person or brand that had been tagged. Now Instagram assist your photos based on the specific brand story you want to tell.

Marketing campaigns which are user generated is ideally for customer engagement. It has been studied that 65 millennial users consider information from social media while they are making any purchase decision. You success ratio will be increased with a call to action, so encourage your followers from today itself to submit a snapshot of your campaign and also by tagging you in it as well.

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