5 Reasons Why You Should Blog Post Everyday

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5 Reasons Why You Should Blog Post Everyday

5 Reasons Why You Should Blog Post Everyday

Maintaining your blog constantly and enrich them with fresh and new content is a challenging task, but it has many advantages. Even also if you are not considering blogging as a full time activity and you don’t have that much sufficient time, then you should try to publish an article once in a week if you want to keep your readers interested. The internet has become the huge source of information on every single or minor topic which you could think of, so if your audience is not happy with your content and blogging activity – they will simply find the other way for what they are looking.

Ideally it is recommended that you should at least post a single blog each day in order to keep your readers engaged and interested. There are many advantages behind this activity, but in this article we are showing you the top 5 reasons why you should Blog posts every day.

1. Keep fresh Content

The most important condition in publishing a new post every day is adding new content to your website. It is very essential to think of a new topic every day and add an additional page or an article to the website. Don’t try to write and publish all the ideas in a single day – make a list and bullets the topic and start competing in gradually.

2. Active activities will help y0our social media marketing

If you are active in online community, then you are surely aware about the importance of social media communication and marketing of your business. Blog posts and social media marketing go parallel, and this strategy is very much important when you are trying to market a business online. By writing a post every day, it can be leveraged in the social media and will provide you the special attention and additional targeted traffic from potential audience. If you want to achieve the highest attention and status of the social media then you should start blog post on a daily basis.

3. Search Engine Ranking and Visibility

For example: if an internet user is interested in your type of content and it is searching Google for the similar topics which you provide, so do you think that your website will rank high if you not maintained it properly? The simple answer towards this question is: No!  Internet environment is aggressively competitive only the search engines bring more web traffic to the busier site.

4. The Power of Name (Brand)

The fact is that you have invest a lot of efforts in business marketing in order to stand out from the competitive crowd which won’t come as a surprise to you. Your business can help you a lot more in terms of branding power, but you have to structure the content properly and maintain it properly if you want to experience those benefits.

5. Business personality and Voice

If you understand that how blogging is important towards your business, then and then only you will be able to use that activity in order to show your business personality. It is understandable that your business is represented by a website, but blogging activity will make your business distinctive and easily recognizable in this tough competition. Your audience will view your blog daily, which is ultimately the best way of filling your business with personality and voice.

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Mihir Barot  is a technology writer and blogger for Web development company. He is doing guest posting service for many technology and seo websites.


Link Building for Affiliates

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Link Building for Affiliates

Link Building for Affiliates

Affiliate marketing has earned itself a big name as a way to earn an income from the internet. Link building is an important strategy for affiliate marketers. It’s the process of establishing inbound links to your website, which can help your site rank higher amongst the popular search engines. Here’s all you need to know about building links in affiliate marketing.

Don’t stick to one method

When it comes to link building, you’ll probably have more success if you use a mixture of methods, rather than just sticking with one. Your site will look unnatural if you use only one method and you may lose credibility. Go for links that point to pages deep within your site. High quality link profiles will stand the test of time, and avoid any that smack of spam. Avoid looking for links that your competitors might be chasing.

Content is king

Many web development company assume that the more links you have, the more success you’ll achieve. This isn’t necessarily the case; what’s more important is the quality of the content. Always choose reliable and trustworthy links that offer relevant content. Try to be unique and creative when it comes to matters relating to content, so that you stand out from your competitors.

Repair broken links

Make sure none of the links are broken. There is nothing worse than being directed to a link that doesn’t work. Keep a regular spot check to ensure all links are in good working order. Create a sitemap for your website, which can help test each link and remedy any that are broken.

Repair broken links

Successful link building in affiliate marketing is about trying to build relationships. If you have quality content on your website, then the goal is that the networks you build through social media will share it. Get to know the sector that you operate in. Who are your competitors and what other websites are they already linking to? Attend conferences relevant to affiliate marketing and get to know the leading link-building specialists; pick their brains, ascertain the current trends and stay one step ahead of your competition.

Guest blogging

Guest blogging is one such method for establishing and building links in affiliate marketing, but only go for quality sites, as it could be harmful to your credibility if you choose another site that has a poor reputation. It’s also a good strategy for getting links to pages that are harder to get links to. If you find putting good blog articles together a challenge, then consider outsourcing the work. Use tools to help you find online blogging opportunities.

Press releases

Obtaining press releases can be a great way to build links, as long as you have something relevant and newsworthy to say. You may also wish to try to get interviewed on a podcast/radio show about the product you’re promoting, as you will likely get links back.

Video reviews

Many affiliate marketers find that creating video reviews and publishing it to sites such as YouTube is a worthwhile way to attract links.

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This article was written by Amy who helps to manage the Is ClickSure Fake blog. The blog was set up in order to provide information about the legitimate affiliate network, ClickSure. 

SEO For Affiliate Marketing

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SEO For Affiliate Marketing

SEO For Affiliate Marketing

SEO is a hot topic at the moment, in the affiliate marketing space and the world of business in general. Most website owners know that SEO is important for the success of any online business, and if you run an affiliate website it’s likely that you will have heard other webmasters mutter about Google Penguin and Panda, but how much do you know about the field of SEO in general? Is your site truly search engine friendly?

What Is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the practice of making your site as search engine friendly as possible. A site with good SEO is designed from the ground up to be easy for search engines to understand and index. Other aspects of SEO include link building, and even writing good content. Google pays attention to how long users stay on websites before hitting the back button, and tracks which websites get the most clicks from the search results. If you write good content that people want to link to and want to read, then your site will do well in the search engines.

Why Should Affiliates Care About SEO?

Affiliate marketers should care about SEO because a search-engine friendly site is, usually, a good site overall. Effective SEO has several benefits, and not all of them directly relate to your place in the search results. For example:

  • You get free traffic: This one is search related. When you rank well in organic search results, your site will get traffic from people who are interested in your chosen keyword. This isn’t PPC traffic, it’s free. Why would anyone see free, targeted traffic (from a  searcher who has, if you chose the right keywords, shown an intent to buy) as a bad thing?
  • You build a brand: Good SEO practices include using authorship data and rich snippets to increase your site’s visibility. This means that when people search for informative articles about whatever it is that you sell, they will see articles written by you, with your name and your Google+ profile image. Even if they don’t click on the link today, they’ve been exposed to your name and your brand. That’s a good thing.
  • You build a network: Another important part of SEO is link building. The Google Panda and Penguin updates invalidated some old fashioned link building techniques for web development company, such as article directories and paid links, but guest blogging is still a popular method. This link building technique involves writing high quality content to share with other bloggers in your niche, in return for a link back. Guest blogging is a great way to get to know people who work in your niche, and it will allow you to make new business contacts, grow your brand, and bring in customers who read the other webmaster’s blog or website

SEO is not some complicated computer programming technique. Rather, it is a smart way of doing business. If you have a site that is well coded, secure and fast to load, then you have the technical part of SEO down. If you run WordPress, installing a sitemap plugin and the All In One SEO pack plugin (both free) is all you need to do to improve the technical side of your SEO. The rest – writing good content and sharing it with related, high quality websites and social networks, is all about networking in the traditional sense. If you can do that, you’re already one step ahead of most webmasters.

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The author of this article, Amy, contributes to the ClickSure Scam blog. The blog was developed to help people understand the way that the ClickSure affiliate network works. 

Knowledge Graph SEO Possibilities

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For some time we see the Knowledge Graph in search results and definitely, this box is directly influencing the performance of search results. But what is the Knowledge Graph ? It is the box that appears to the right of the search result when we query in Google, either the name of an actor, a brand, a place, etc.. This table attempts to provide a set semantic information it collects from various sources, with the aim of you may solve your question without the need to consult different pages.

Benefits of Knowledge Graph

Knowledge Graph is especially interesting for users, because in a single space large amount of information collected varied and different sources. In general, you can answer most questions from users without the need for these have search in the search results.

How does the SEO Knowledge Graph, where it gets the information and how we can manipulate

The main sources are fueling Knowledge Graph Wikipedia, Freebase, CIA World Facebook and Google. Edit information for Wikipedia or Freebase allows modification of the results of the Knowledge Graph.

One of the results we have seen in some sites is the decline in CTR for brand results . When a user does a search for mark and the mark is assigned a Knowledge Graph, automatically, the number of clicks on the natural result of the brand decreases, and rightly so, as the Knowledge Graph occupies considerable space.

What about those clicks? Where do they go? Depends. Doing a trademark search, for example Softonic, the Knowledge Graph displays the image information.

If we click on this result, it will direct the user to the profile of Softonic in Google+ (which redirects the user to the official website). However, we can also see a small text with a link. This is the latest release of Softonic G+ profile, which in this case is a link to a specific article of the web. But, What if I had posted a link external? users they would be escaping to another site after doing a trademark search.

SEO Strategy for Knowledge Graph

  • So far little we can do to improve SEO through Knowledge Graph , however, there are always improvements that can be implemented:
  • Find your brand in Google and find out what items appear in Knowledge Graph.
  • For you see your G+ profile and the last publication, you can modify the result to publications. While it is true that you should not focus your social media strategy based on this result , they can make a small modification to include eg brand more publications, links to other corporate sites, etc…
  • For images, if your brand has no on first results of Google Images , SEO works for images.
  • Is the information that appears on Wikipedia or another source is real? Is positive and gives the brand image that interests me? Try to modify the text following the publication policy of these sites. For example, Wikipedia does not allow promotional texts.
  • Your brand holds events but these do not appear in Knowledge Graph? Have posted these events on your site? Do you have them marked with microdata / microformats event? If not, do it.

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Vishal Shah is a writer for Optiinfo SEO experts web development company, helping clients achieve excellent results in their online marketing campaigns.

The Power Of A Blog Focused

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The Power of a Focused Blog is very important Having a Blog Focused.

Have you ever read a blog that has everything? For example, one day talking about pets and the next day how to write a business plan? It may be an extreme example, the fact that the focus of some blogs is uncertain.

Focused Blogs are powerful because people know exactly what they will find when they get to read them. Without doubt, the surprises in blogs can be fun, but even the surprises should be a focus of the blog.

One reason it is very important in this type of approach is that readers have so many options and so little time; they do not want to waste it by reading the contents that are not of interest.

Three ways to ensure you have a blog focused:

1. Define your audience.

Do you know who is reading your blog and what you really want to read? If not, it will be difficult for them to be with you. If you are just beginning, you may not know who your audience is, but can you imagine how they are and how you can connect with them.

Here are some questions to help you determine the needs of your audience:

What are the weaknesses of your target audience? What problems do you can help them solve?

What is the average education level of your target audience?

Other than your blog, who would meet the needs of your target audience? Why are they different?

There are many other questions to ask, of course, and perhaps will be the topic of another blog topic. But use these questions to think you are writing, how you can solve their needs so that it is only you who can really help.

2. Write your articles on your blog with your own voice.

In all the universe there is only one “you”. No duplicate his wandering around. That is why it is possible to achieve success in a crowded market (although it may take some effort). The message shared with your own voice resonate with some people in a way that nobody else can do. Stop worrying about the “right” way to write and write in the most natural way possible, as if talking to yourself, put his own personality.

3. Post Articles Constantly.

A good starting point with proof of your blogs is the minimum amount of articles you write regularly. I recommend at least one article a week but the best would be two or three and ideally a daily publication.

When deciding how many articles published every week, be sure to set a goal you can meet and be consistent.

You can also publish multiple content types on different days of the week. For example, an article was written on Monday, a video and audio Wednesday each Friday.

What works for you may not work for others and vice versa, so do not get hung up on what you see that others are doing. One of the easiest ways to lose focus is to try to copy from other people who for various reasons do not fit your personality and style, in addition to the amount of time you have to invest in your blog.

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Vishal Shah works for Optiinfo SEO experts web development company, helping clients achieve excellent results in their online marketing campaigns.

5 Tips To Increase Its Online Sales Through Facebook

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5 tips to increase its online sales through Facebook

5 tips to increase its online sales through Facebook

From the last quarter of the year showed that media plans including Facebook generated 24% more sales. The digital media industry turns increasingly often this type of study, yet it still seems that marketers remain cautious about the impact of Facebook on sales. We therefore propose to demystify the marketing power of social networks including Facebook while choosing the best weapons to always generate more sales.

1. Do not underestimate the power of social media

One of the first advice is not to consider social media as a place where he effusions is not created revenue. For the skeptics, we identify three reasons to trust the market power of Facebook:

  • Virality and sharing are the essence of social media, especially Facebook: your products and services are able to gain visibility tenfold, thanks to social well-orchestrated strategy and content.
  • The platform is evolving, taking no secret. It is thus observed the development of sponsored ads, limiting the visibility of publications, tools for measuring, segmenting your audience advice to developers who are all signs putting the chip in the ear. If Facebook is changing as a paid platform for brands, it is because your targets are present. There is scope to generate income and therefore the possibility to reinvest in new campaigns. marketing has become the cash cow of Facebook, which seems rather well succeed.

2. Be creative!

As mentioned above, the Facebook communications are oriented towards supporting the development of brand pages. Facebook implements many tools for the time spent on the site and investments align exponentially. This is the case of applications for assistance, the creation of subchannel , the convergence of different platforms.

For sale smart and inexpensively via Facebook, you must use two ancestral advertising principles.

  • Exclusive: offer of ‘love’ to enjoy an exclusive promotion. Make sure that the promotion is substantially interesting: a discount on the new collection, an additional percentage of the sales, delivery available. It is a proven technical email marketing, also, make sure to differentiate promotions on these two channels.
  • Word of mouth : the human being is a being of communications, it is encouraging this tendency, stimulating a further aspect: the imitation of peers. It is thanks to this main feature that you will get the commitment on your product pages, reviews about your services and, ultimately, sales.

3. Measuring success and failure do not forget to calculate the allocation of channels –
Increase Online Sales with Facebook, also begins with a better calculation of sales already generated by the platform. Thank you for the Google Analytics tool for comparing models!

The conversion value calculated and the number of conversions for each of your marketing channels varies the allocation model used.To familiarize yourself with these concepts and where social networks are involved in the sales cycle.

4. Integrate its e-commerce strategy to Facebook

Since this is to increase sales via Facebook, one solution is to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the applications. There are several, and they work with CMS e-commerce recognized as Shopify. This is to add a “Shop” tab on your Facebook page, which will import your products automatically, allowing the direct purchase, the customer’s decision is quick and without delay.

5. Make content marketing, a key asset
Once you understand how Facebook works in the sales cycle, then you can tailor your communications platform.

It is important that you bring the following tools.

  • An optimized page, offering comprehensive information to customers.
  • A content strategy and an editorial guide defining your identity, the voice of the brand and type of content placed online.
  • A calendar of publications, reflecting your business operations but also leaving room for educational, inspiring and useful for your clients publications.
  • Management of rapid communities, honest, attentive and generous.
  • Beautiful pictures

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2 tool to identify influence on Twitter and Google+

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The objectives of digital marketing within the social media it become the process of finding those who have power to influence others.

The process of finding influencers on Twitter and Google+ can be simplified with tools like Mentionmapp   and Ripples


This digital marketing tool offers a graphical representation of your influence on Twitter , connecting to your users based on recent mentions of people and hashtags.


Mentionmapp shows users you interact more, also how they interact with you, the entries that were necessary to interact, the more important connection highlighted in a thick line and others on a more narrow line.


2 tool to identify influence on Twitter and Google+

2 tool to identify influence on Twitter and Google+


This tool integrates directly with the service Google+ and displays how publications are scattered on the network, allowing you to identify the most influential brand, as well as social connections and keep track of the most popular.

With Google+ Ripples can see a graphical way the time and who shared a post publicly, and these compare ticiones the seeing see the relevance of the user (having a larger or smaller circle).


2 tool to identify influence on Twitter and Google plus

2 tool to identify influence on Twitter and Google plus

These ripples can see on the bottom of each post, you have to be public, and have at least one of a user reshare.

It is a very visual and attractive to see how information flows by users of Google plus, we evaluate the influence of the publication itself and the user.

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Vishal Shah has been working as a CEO in the one of the valuable web development company for for eight consecutive years. His blog is replete with articles related to the latest web advancements.

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