7 Tips To Redesign A Website And Not Lose Positioning

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7 Tips To Redesign A Website And Not Lose Positioning

7 Tips To Redesign A Website And Not Lose Positioning

Sometimes you have a site with a good level of traffic, however, after some time, apply a redesign. Not to reduce the amount of visitors even increase it, you can follow 7 simple steps when remodeling a site.

The most common is to wait until the site is complete to consult SEO experts, which necessarily requires more work, therefore higher costs. It is more difficult to correct errors once armed the site.

Here are 7 steps to take into account during the redesign of a website:

1. SEO Audit

The first step would be to consult an SEO specialist, talk to him and show the old site as well as preferences for the new page. Thus, prior to the design, you will identify areas of opportunity and avoid mistakes that impair the performance of the page when being tracked by the search engine spiders.

2. Researching keywords

Knowing the most relevant keywords for the category, would be ideal to begin organizing the new site. Knowing these words will help and facilitate site planning. It will be easier to organize the sections or subsections by keywords.

To investigate can use various tools, including Google’s Adword tool is free and gives very good results. If you previously had implemented an SEO campaign, the results can be analyzed to rule out irrelevant words and vice versa, you can know which words have had better performance.

3. Leverage keywords

It’s preferred content on the site using those keywords, the best and recommended by Google itself, is that it should be original and relevant content.

Despite using keywords, write legibly, i.e. add keywords so that the text does not lose meaning. It is advisable to renew the site content constantly. Not just for the search engines, but it also attracts more and more users interested in reading important information.

4.  Site Structure

As mentioned before, research the keywords will facilitate the organization of the site, so that it can provide users with easy navigation through the site.

Visitors can read a website quickly, so you have only seconds to get their attention, you have to make sure they find what they are looking for without having to navigate around the page.

5. Busiest sections

Knowing the performance of each section of a site will serve to completely debug the page, removing irrelevant sections that do not generate traffic and identifying top performers have. You can reuse content; it is also good to add new ideas

A crucial point is that the sections that generate traffic does not change the structure of the URL. In case you need to alter the URL, to minimize the impact, 301s should be applied.

6. Inbound links to the site

The links have always been an important part for positioning, but with changes in Google algorithms sometime, can harm a page. To make a good link strategy should be considered high Page Rank sites. Better quality links then irrelevant.

7. Check for Errors

Before launching the site, it is good to check that all internal links are working properly, and that is not found pages also affect the positioning of a website.

Poor planning can result in loss of quality traffic for months. Perform properly remodeling, hand in hand with an SEO expert, will be the key for the site to continue to be successful and not waste.

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