9 Important Points To Consider About Google PANDA

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9 Important Points To Consider About Google PANDA

9 Important Points To Consider About Google PANDA

After Google changes in their algorithms, many sites completely lost its positioning within the search engines. If this is your case, we recommend to read these points, which will help you maintain or even improve that position.
1. – The changes have not finished As mentioned, many sites survived the disaster that caused Panda in many others, but it is time to relax, because only in this year, apply about 550 Google updates its algorithm.

2. – The significance will remain important Google wants to provide its users with better and better results, so that plays a key role here the content of the sites. Be sure to always use the most relevant keywords to write your content, too, these words should be related to the theme of your page. It is recommended to use them with an approximate density of 2-3%.

3. – Links in low quality directories Not all article directories are bad, but most accept texts almost anyone, regardless of how poorly written they are, that the content is duplicate or to be inserted up to 5 links for each item. This is one of the things that Panda has come to collapse. So it is recommended that only a link in the articles, in addition to publishing high-quality directories.

4. – Be published in directories with quality Although, directories with high PageRank demand higher quality standards in articles for publication, make them disclose a text and a link would be a “push” positioning.

5. – Social networks matter It is increasingly common to perform a search and get results from Facebook or Twitter, so it is advisable to start business in social networks, including information in the biography and try to interact with users.

6. – For Google, the words are worth more than a picture Google is able to read the content of a site to know what this is, but add too many images difficult that task to the browser as well as to add commercials may detract relevance, so that its position would be affected.

7. – A users they like the videos, a Google also In addition to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks like LinkedIn, to perform a search, the results may shed a video on Youtube, so we recommend creating relevant videos, not very long. A helpful tip is to turn one of the items you posted in a directory on a video.

8. – Find a balance As we said, Google can read the texts to interpret, so the post in blogs or on the same site, another recommendation would be to find a balance, do not or very large or very short. The short texts can be classified as low quality pro the search, while broad content might not look interesting to users.

9. – Age of domain There are conflicting views on the influence of the age of the domain within the SEO, many experts say is irrelevant, and some say that if it is a factor. The truth is that based on experience, the best SEO specialists say that domains that are older if you have an advantage in the results.

If your site already affected by changes in Google algorithms, consider these points, you may find useful to resume the good position they had. If on the other hand, your site is in the same position, learn and act before it is too late.

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