Find Out Why Your Website Does Not Attract New Customers

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Find out why your website does not attract new customers

Find out why your website does not attract new customers

All web marketing strategy is focused on generating new customers for their business, but do not always get the desired results. Why is this so? In this article we’ll find out.
There are several causes that may spoil your marketing activities in the network, and they do not necessarily have to do with SEO or paid advertising campaigns. Among the most common reasons tha

1. There is no conversion element within your site

A common fault with many websites is that do not include a conversion tool in your page. Remember, if you want your consumers to interact with you in a specific way, you suggest the guidelines of what you want from them.

Perform a landing page with call to action, can a simple way to invite your client conversion actions within your site.

This will help you determine your customers’ preferences, the keywords with which they came to your site, and what they want to get from your brand.

2. Signs of life

Due to competition, and the number of pages that abound on the net, customers have become increasingly demanding. If your site is static, not upgrade and invites interaction most probably soon stop visits.

3. References

A website should be designed to facilitate user navigation, if they do not find what they need, or need to make a very complex process to access what they want, we assure things:. A simple and useful page will always keep your number of visitors.

4. You are not available to all

If you’ve noticed that the number of visits to your site does not increase despite your efforts in Adwords and SEO, you can ask the following:

Does the portal is accessible from all mobile devices?

Have you rethought you SEO strategy according to conversions done on the page?

Are keywords used in your Adwords campaign are correct?

If a negative answer to any of these questions, probably there is the problem of leakage of traffic to your site.

5.  Differentiating factor.
If you really want to attract more customers you need to offer a bonus. The design and online advertising activities will not suffice. Analyze your website, discover areas of opportunity and improve them, then ask yourself what benefit you can offer your customers that your competitors do not have.

If these guidelines do not help to increase the number of customers and sales, you probably need to rethink the characteristics of your target.

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