Why Is It Important Repeated In The Marketing

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Why is it important repeated in the marketing

Why is it important repeated in the marketing

Neither the first time said nor the last. Repetition is an essential element in the marketing to get your message across to people. It is not just to get a higher frequency but also to gain in coverage.

In general, people are afraid to sell. Speak well of ourselves or things that have cost us. Maybe it’s our education has taught us that we must be modest. What have you learned from your parents helps in many ways but when it comes to sell your products and services will create barriers.

Do messages do not reach the first time people

Apart from the obstacles created by ourselves are also external factors that prevent us from effective communication. We must first identify the problems before they develop solutions for it.

Not express ourselves well: communicate well is an art. We rarely spot on with what we mean for us to understand. The first step is to look for the problem in how we do things.

People do not listen: one thing is that you have a message and the other is that customer will listen. Choose the people and the right times to make it go. Getting attention is an art and few succeed.

The texts are not read, they are scanned : blogs are not the only medium that is read superficially. The attention devoted to content is usually minimal because we are competing with millions of alternatives. No one almost read the full text.

Each interprets what your needs: communication is not accurate. Part of the problem is that we do not express well. Everything has room for interpretation. That is why lawyers who prepare contracts are so well paid.

Not everyone is present when we communicate: The problem is not the kind of message we are sending but the lack of our target audience does lose its effectiveness.

We speak in different languages ​​: even using the same words. Everything is subject to interpretation by the user depending on their experience, culture and education. If communication is not face to face the risk of not understanding increases.

Do not want to hear: you can tell what you want but who just do not listen. We must know who we want to hear and who’s just going to ignore everything we say.

How elegantly repeat the messages to reach the user

Marketing is changing. A simple repetition of the message worked 20 years ago but today would rather throw money away for the great loss of effectiveness in communication. You have to adapt to the way of how marketing works today.

1. Packs the message differently: every time you send your marketing message a little different than before. Even if you double communication with several people have to make the effort to add value and different every time you come to them. Obviously you can not create a different ad for each occasion but varies way to advertise your best to show different facets. What you have to avoid at all costs is perceived as tiresome you when you do marketing.

2. Say much in few words: best ads do not need many words. “Just Do It” is one of the most famous Nike Company. When you need to quickly reach many people need a message that leaves a mark.

3. Do not be 100% commercial: It does not mean you cannot be anything commercial but seeks to provide additional value. Advertising can entertain in several ways. You can do mourn, laugh or just leave amazed. Do not settle for doing things well think of the ways advertising can bring value beyond simple advertising message.

Practice is an essential element in marketing. In communication repetition helps to get more elegant and more coverage to your target audience. We must get away from the comfort zone and dare to get your message across even if the feedback is negative initially. The good news is that everything can be improved.

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