8 Keys To Succeed In Digital Marketing

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8 Keys To Succeed In Digital Marketing

8 Keys To Succeed In Digital Marketing

Although some employers think that Digital Marketing is a fad or a strange practice of sellers of smoke, actually online marketing is a system, a method applied step by step will result in the success of the objectives to raise any type of business or SME.

To understand how you should focus on marketing your business , you can be helpful to understand this definition: the basis of digital marketing is to make the person who has a great need to solve a problem, to find, know, and trust their brand . And they using your product or service , he or she can provide a solution to customer problem.

To better understand the essential aspects that you should consider a strategy of digital marketing for your company or business, share the 8 keys to success in digital marketing:

1 website

The heart of any online strategy begins with the creation of the web site for your business, is your essential base, the headquarters of your digital business. Hence the idea of having a web site optimized for the user navigable and with a clear goal in mind. A crucial aspect to complement your site is the creation of the blog of the company, if it is integrated to the web much better, where you can publish the content useful to users, informing them about your company, your services or your products can help solve a problem or fill a need.

2 Content

Content is the essential fuel to work and move forward your marketing strategy digital. What is the content? To be found on search engines like Google or Bing, to generate attract target audience ( customers ) to build base data , to attract potential users and display information of value to help them solve or address a problem.

What kind of content? Based on the knowledge of its particular market segment, the key is to create information such as answers and solutions that would be interested and help your target audience. The ideal is to create that content in various formats such as articles, text, voice (podcast); video, info graphics, webinars, photographs, etc…

3 Search Engine Optimization SEO

After creating the website, then optimized the content (keywords ) of your blog, what follows is to spread that content. The previous process of purchasing goods and services, is checked in the search engines (97% for Google). For us to be in the results of those searches , there are two ways to promote our website and content: free (organic) and paid.

The first is achieved by optimizing the content using keywords and publish content frequently and takes a certain period of time so that the contents are classified and indexed by Google. The second involves using advertising to pay and are the links in the initial results of the searches and the right sidebar of the page of Google results.

4 Online Advertising

Any SME or company wishing to obtain a positive result in your business strategy should consider doing online advertising to your website, more or lesser extent. And why should I online advertise? Because Internet gives us the possibility of a greater range of potential customers at a much lower cost than traditional media known as advertising in print media, on radio or tv.

5 Social Networks

The social networks are a phenomenon that has taken a central role in the strategy of communication, diffusion, generation commitment and attracting leads for companies or brands.

It is of such importance that this aspect will need to draw a plan of action specific to social media , which will serve to amplify the content of our blog, build trust, listen, discuss, humanize the brand, bring traffic to your website and generate leads or potential customers. Success in social media depends on the right approach you have:

6 Conversions

Let us first define what it means conversion rate: the percentage of shares that are expected to perform the visitors to a website. Formula:

Percent Conversion = Conversions / Number of visits

7 E-mail marketing

The email marketing is according to statistics most effective tool at the time of conversion. And if you think it’s a tool in use, nothing is further from reality and more relevant than ever. Why use a plan for e-mail marketing ?


  • Stay in the minds of potential customers longer.
  • Building trust
  • Is a measurable strategy
  • Get a cost-benefit over other options contact
  • Build positioning as an expert in your industry
  • Having an audience interested and captive
  • Build a vehicle immediate and personal communication
  • Generate sales!

Guidelines to implement a plan of e-mail marketing:

  • Select the appropriate platform
  • Start building your database
  • Create content and calendar content
  • Program frequency and sending information

8 Measurements, Analysis and Control

The measurement and analysis of digital marketing consist not implement Google Analytics and take a look from time to time. For this measurement and analysis help improve my results, the process is more complex, and is done in four steps:

  • Defining Objectives
  • Implement measurement tools
  • Set a control panel
  • Analyze, measure, implement corrective actions.

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