Knowledge Graph SEO Possibilities

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For some time we see the Knowledge Graph in search results and definitely, this box is directly influencing the performance of search results. But what is the Knowledge Graph ? It is the box that appears to the right of the search result when we query in Google, either the name of an actor, a brand, a place, etc.. This table attempts to provide a set semantic information it collects from various sources, with the aim of you may solve your question without the need to consult different pages.

Benefits of Knowledge Graph

Knowledge Graph is especially interesting for users, because in a single space large amount of information collected varied and different sources. In general, you can answer most questions from users without the need for these have search in the search results.

How does the SEO Knowledge Graph, where it gets the information and how we can manipulate

The main sources are fueling Knowledge Graph Wikipedia, Freebase, CIA World Facebook and Google. Edit information for Wikipedia or Freebase allows modification of the results of the Knowledge Graph.

One of the results we have seen in some sites is the decline in CTR for brand results . When a user does a search for mark and the mark is assigned a Knowledge Graph, automatically, the number of clicks on the natural result of the brand decreases, and rightly so, as the Knowledge Graph occupies considerable space.

What about those clicks? Where do they go? Depends. Doing a trademark search, for example Softonic, the Knowledge Graph displays the image information.

If we click on this result, it will direct the user to the profile of Softonic in Google+ (which redirects the user to the official website). However, we can also see a small text with a link. This is the latest release of Softonic G+ profile, which in this case is a link to a specific article of the web. But, What if I had posted a link external? users they would be escaping to another site after doing a trademark search.

SEO Strategy for Knowledge Graph

  • So far little we can do to improve SEO through Knowledge Graph , however, there are always improvements that can be implemented:
  • Find your brand in Google and find out what items appear in Knowledge Graph.
  • For you see your G+ profile and the last publication, you can modify the result to publications. While it is true that you should not focus your social media strategy based on this result , they can make a small modification to include eg brand more publications, links to other corporate sites, etc…
  • For images, if your brand has no on first results of Google Images , SEO works for images.
  • Is the information that appears on Wikipedia or another source is real? Is positive and gives the brand image that interests me? Try to modify the text following the publication policy of these sites. For example, Wikipedia does not allow promotional texts.
  • Your brand holds events but these do not appear in Knowledge Graph? Have posted these events on your site? Do you have them marked with microdata / microformats event? If not, do it.

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