Link Building for Affiliates

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Link Building for Affiliates

Link Building for Affiliates

Affiliate marketing has earned itself a big name as a way to earn an income from the internet. Link building is an important strategy for affiliate marketers. It’s the process of establishing inbound links to your website, which can help your site rank higher amongst the popular search engines. Here’s all you need to know about building links in affiliate marketing.

Don’t stick to one method

When it comes to link building, you’ll probably have more success if you use a mixture of methods, rather than just sticking with one. Your site will look unnatural if you use only one method and you may lose credibility. Go for links that point to pages deep within your site. High quality link profiles will stand the test of time, and avoid any that smack of spam. Avoid looking for links that your competitors might be chasing.

Content is king

Many web development company assume that the more links you have, the more success you’ll achieve. This isn’t necessarily the case; what’s more important is the quality of the content. Always choose reliable and trustworthy links that offer relevant content. Try to be unique and creative when it comes to matters relating to content, so that you stand out from your competitors.

Repair broken links

Make sure none of the links are broken. There is nothing worse than being directed to a link that doesn’t work. Keep a regular spot check to ensure all links are in good working order. Create a sitemap for your website, which can help test each link and remedy any that are broken.

Repair broken links

Successful link building in affiliate marketing is about trying to build relationships. If you have quality content on your website, then the goal is that the networks you build through social media will share it. Get to know the sector that you operate in. Who are your competitors and what other websites are they already linking to? Attend conferences relevant to affiliate marketing and get to know the leading link-building specialists; pick their brains, ascertain the current trends and stay one step ahead of your competition.

Guest blogging

Guest blogging is one such method for establishing and building links in affiliate marketing, but only go for quality sites, as it could be harmful to your credibility if you choose another site that has a poor reputation. It’s also a good strategy for getting links to pages that are harder to get links to. If you find putting good blog articles together a challenge, then consider outsourcing the work. Use tools to help you find online blogging opportunities.

Press releases

Obtaining press releases can be a great way to build links, as long as you have something relevant and newsworthy to say. You may also wish to try to get interviewed on a podcast/radio show about the product you’re promoting, as you will likely get links back.

Video reviews

Many affiliate marketers find that creating video reviews and publishing it to sites such as YouTube is a worthwhile way to attract links.

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