How To Optimize Facebook Graph Search And What Actually It Is

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How To Optimize Facebook Graph Search And What Actually It Is

How To Optimize Facebook Graph Search And What Actually It Is

Facebook Graph search is a logic search engine which was introduced by Facebook in March 2013. It doesn’t concentrate at all on internet for bringing the right answers for your queries – it is developed for focusing on performing a social search.  Facebook is having over one billion active users and it owes a lot of data by them. By using the advantage of having personal data, so by that it has developed a search feature which gives you user-specific search. Just for keeping simple, all the data generated by people in your Facebook groups is searched to find a personalized answer to your query.

Day by day Google’s search model is being revolutionized and the manner way we look for and find information, the internet is breaking at its high because of data and it becomes a bit tough to find the exact answer for exactly what we are looking for. The Internet search cannot beat personalized recommendations – if you don’t find the satisfactory answer regarding your query on Google, then the remaining best option is to seek the opinion or help of your friends.

With Graph Search, it becomes possible and easier for users to search the news feed of particular user, or he or she is able to enter a general search query which comes up with results which is basically based of Facebook data friends and other people whose profile is open to public. Apart from this Facebook also add information from other sources as well or by the content which is being directly shared with the user.

Graph search is an acceptable search engine and that’s the other major advantage; it means that user can enter more natural search as they like. It also allows users for searching places and for any things with location as well. It is needed, because if your business comes up in any search results, then it will be beneficial for you.

So ready for Facebook graph search?

It is too early if we comment regarding the impact which Facebook Graph Search will have on traditional search. People are addicted towards Google for any query. So will they start using Graph Search extensively? The main purpose of this search tool entrains Facebook users to develop more connections and friends. Publicly, is not known that what exact criteria that Facebook uses to rank search results, but the results are various and which changes from user to user.

What your business can do to stay on top of the things? The first thing you need to keep in mind that the advantage of graph search is a matter of promotion which is more close to SMO rather than SEO. The factors which will create your Facebook popularity will be the factors that will help you show up in the Graph Search results. There are quite smart things which you can do on this social search engine for marking your strong presence:

1. Know EdgeRank: there are not sufficient information is available what parameters EdgeRank uses to rank a post in a user’s search results, all we know is just that it totally depends on continuous user engagement. Just because of few likes by some user doesn’t mean that your page will show up on their page: EdgeRank depends on special interactions which based recently. So it’s necessary for you to keep in touch with your users.

2. Increase User Engagement: if you the more Facebook friends or followers you have, then your chances will get increase for showing up in the results of their search. You can imply the time tested method of using interesting pictures and videos for making your page interesting for users. Always make sure that your content is related to your business and has the right keywords, and try to generate user’s interest and make them to comment and interact with your activities.

3. Engage in all the Local Pages: local search plays an important role in a Graph Search. Whenever a user is looking for any restaurant or shop in their locality, then there is a good chance for you, if you clearly mentioned your location. If your business is having multiple branches, then it is sensible that you need to create separate Facebook pages for all locations.

If you owe a successful social media campaign, then you are able to make the perfect Graph search. As of now, there are no known tricks which work with this search engine. Facebook is taking a little bit time for rolling out this exclusive feature.

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For Online Success Choosing the Right Domain name is Important

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For Online Success Choosing the Right Domain name is Important

For Online Success Choosing the Right Domain name is Important

So want to know what exactly makes the really good domain name, actually for being successful, you just don’t need a good domain name but you need a great domain name and understanding will you in achieving the online success. Getting a good domain name will ask for some effort but there are many tools available which  help you in finding the right domain name and check its availability.

There are some do’s and Don’ts in selecting the domain name which will be the help form of putting domain name together.

The Do’s and Don’ts are:

–          Easy to spell and easy to understand

–          Easy to pronounce and spell

–          Easy to remember and recognize

–          Can be used as a brand name – The Don’ts

–          Use suffixes which are hard to remember, .Com is one of the popular and that is popularly everyone looking for a domain name, but others are also becoming the most popular, so you shouldn’t ignore entirely. Especially it is recommended if you are interested in a suffix which represents your country where you operate in

–          If possible ignore multiple dots, underlines, or hyphens to break your domain name, because people find such things harder to get remembered. It is advisable to use the single word.

–  Use word which starts and ends with the same letter, unless if you feel that dropping the hyphen will worth.

In order to sort out a great domain name suggestion of few friends might be helpful; people who understand the concept clearly and have knowledge about a project they will crack down the creativity domain name. Make a list of potential names around 15 to 20 and use a domain registration website for checking the availability. Don’t forget, what you are inserting may become the one of your most important keyword or phrases which will get traffic to your website.

So make sure that you have studied in that what people are entering in search engines when looking for your website theme, services or business. It is also worth remembering that the name you come up will need to be communicated verbally and in writing text so if it is easy to pronounce, spell and read; people are more likely to recall it. You also need to consider geographically where you are doing business and targeting the audience. It may be a bonus for you if you include location in the name and this can be done effectively and doesn’t become too clumsy i.e. putting UK, FR, or USA as part of the name if appropriate could make a big difference to focusing on the right audience and get the visitors to your site that are truly interested in what you are offering.

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How to Reverse the Negative Effect Caused By Low Quality Links Pointing To Site?

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How to Reverse the Negative Effect Caused By Low Quality Links Pointing To Site

How to Reverse the Negative Effect Caused By Low Quality Links Pointing To Site

This article will tell you how you can get rid of the backlinks that point to your site and you are affecting your Google rankings.

One of the strategies you can take to eliminate the bad reputation they give you low quality links, your site is to remove the section to which these links point.

Deleting pages with unnatural backlines

During a hangout, John Mueller, an employee of Google, responded to the following question: What happens if you delete a section that has too unnatural links pointing to it? Removing this page? Penguin will follow the negative links?

To which Mueller said: In theory, yes. When dropping a page with too many negative links pointing to it, it will show a 404. This will cause us to fail to follow those links. If it is not possible to eliminate all negative links through disavow back links tool, the best step they can take is removing pages.

John also said that removing the affected sections revert the effects of spam, but we must ensure that those who wish links rid reached an error page 404/410 HTTP.

Instruction noindex / nofollow. Even if you use this instruction within the code, you will still get the PR page of links that point to it.

Block the robots.txt file. Action is the only thing that will accomplish is to tell Google that the page is not tracked, but the PR of the links still pointing to your website.

Creating a page within the site identical but with a different URL. Clone the section affected by the links do not help much, most of the time the search fails to identify duplicate content, which will move the previous page links to this “new” section.

Do not try to cheat

Sometimes, web masters, in an effort to recover traffic obtained by algorithm change, decide redirect broken links (which now carried a 404), to your home page.

This action is a very serious offense for the seeker. If Google detects that you are doing spam again, will impose other sanctions. This time, the punishment will be more difficult to remove and can not make your site rise in search results.

Error 404 vs. disavow links tool

Use the Google tool or eliminate disavow links with low quality page, has the same effect for the search, but for sure there is sure to let Google tool follow all the unnatural leagues that are affecting your site, or to do so, nor do we know how soon but consider those links as spam.

For this reason, we suggest you remove all sections that have been affected by low PR links.

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6 ways to improve our productivity

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6 way to improve product

6 way to improve product

In today’s competitive world, a prerequisite for success is increasingly improve our productivity.

People often think that to improve our productivity we get up earlier, work longer hours, and come home later, but hard work does not always guarantee productivity if not done wisely.

Before the hard work, productivity is based on more and better results in less time for this, the productivity improvement can be summarized in doing more and better things that we add value, and make less or stop doing the things we do not supply it.

Given the above premise, then see 6  ways to improve our productivity:

Set goals

Setting goals not only helps us to chart a course in life, but also helps us determine what tasks or activities we should focus (those that help us in achieving our goals).

Set goals for each area of ​​your life (for example, your business, your personal finances, your relationships, your health, etc..), Preferably to be specific and that are achievable yet challenging.

Focus on things that add value

Focus on the things that add value or help us in achieving our goals, we can use our time in the best way possible.

Identifies tasks or activities that will add value or help you in meeting your goals, and dedicate your time to them in order of importance, while the other things that do not add value, take you away from your goals them.

Make to-do lists

Make lists of tasks or activities to do lets us know exactly what we have to do and, thus, better organize our time.

Whether in a document on your computer, in a notebook that you carry with you always, or in an application for taking notes on your Smartphone, make lists in order of priority to the tasks or activities that you must perform in the coming days, including a list you to work every night before bed with tasks or activities that you must perform the following day (for example, calling a particular person or find certain information on the Internet).

Set a time limit for the tasks

Set a time limit for tasks or activities that have to do motivates us in meeting them.

Whenever you can, set a time limit for tasks or activities that have to be performed (for example, certain job finish by 5 pm), which is not so extensive to the point that it can generate you neglect or as little to the point that too much pressure can generate comply.

Doing things getting better or getting faster

Doing things getting better or faster and faster, we can get more done in less time and have more free time to do other things.

Whenever you can, develop a sense of urgency for tasks or activities that you do, and always ask if there is a tide of doing better or faster tasks or activities (especially those that give you greater value)

Seize the moment

We all have a time when we feel more motivated, more efficient or more creative, which usually occurs in the morning upon waking but can actually occur at any time.

Identifies the time and take advantage of it to accomplish tasks or activities more important or more complex you have to do, and procrastinate the less important tasks or activities or simple.

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What is the real importance of SEO?

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What is the real importance of SEO

What is the real importance of SEO

SEO Talking is not limited only to seek a better positioning for a site, includes several terms that directly or indirectly influence the ranking of sites. Create a website and optimize it allows popular search engines like Google and Yahoo, to find it, “read” and index, in order to be displayed in the top results of a search.

In order to select the most relevant pages and provide more accurate results for users, search engines and parameters set certain criteria to be met by sites. In order to avoid results manipulated and specially modified pages to appear in the top results, search engines are constantly changing their algorithms.

Now, acquire relevant links pointing to a site is an essential part when you want to gain a good position in the search engines, the content has also become one of the most important criteria to consider, since, for example, Google may notice duplicate content and meaningless.

In the medium and long term, the best strategy for improving the ranking of a site, is constantly creating new content, using keywords, use variations of these words and above all, not to abuse its use. The text must be readable and not meaningless.

The incursion of social networks to the users’ everyday life has become a watershed in SEO. The million subscribed users, the speed in which they share content and above all, the difficulty of manipulating looking to improve the SEO, made part of any SEO strategy.

For any business, but especially small and medium, place their products and services within the first page of results, would reach thousands of Internet users who may be potential customers.

The importance of SEO is that you can quickly get thousands of customers, millions if you offer services or products worldwide. The optimization of the search engines has become undoubtedly an essential part of the growth of many companies.

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4 Tips To Find A Profitable Niche For Your Internet Business

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The first thing any new internet marketer should do is to decide what niche will focus its business on the Internet. Learn how to find a niche for your business on the Internet will require a little research and some creativity, and a little time.

However, the extra time spent on this first step in planning your new business is time well spent. In this article we will talk about the different ways that you can get ideas to find a profitable niche market.

You should make a list of all possible ideas for niche markets. Once you have all the respect of their niches, then you can begin the research process. But the first step is to get a good list of possible topics. Here are some things that will help this process.

What do you know?

When you start with the selection process for your niche, you should start with all those things in which you have some knowledge. Answer the following questions on paper and thus will have a better start: What is experience? What you do in your job? What are your hobbies?

If possible, perform this work in a place where you are familiar. Remember that you must be able to write content for your website, writing a sales letter, write articles and blog entries for. All this will be much easier if you already have knowledge of the niche market which will focus its business on the internet.

What are your interests?

Is there anything you do not know, but would like to learn?

If after your research you considered not feasible to start a business on those niches in which you are knowledgeable, then you should look at the areas in which they have interest.

Building an internet business requires much work on your part and if you have a strong interest in the subject will be more likely that you continue to work and especially enjoy the process. Imagine trying to write 25 articles on a topic that is not aware and has no interest whatsoever. Does not sound like fun right?

Look for possible niches on the Web

Large web site directories are also a great source for finding profitable niches. These directories are full of great ideas for niches that are broken down by categories. is also an excellent place for niche ideas. Another great place to look is on eBay. These sites can give you an indication of what is moving more in that time and could stimulate their creativity. and Google groups are also great places to see what is being talked about right now on the net.

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Follow 10 simple steps and improve your Online Reputation

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Follow 10 simple steps and improve your Online Reputation

Follow 10 simple steps and improve your Online Reputation

We all know very well reputation matters a lot for any company and brand growth. Businessmen will never hesitate a bit or hiring a business professional who can help them for getting a good reputation in front of clients. And there is no way of being surprised that why they are doing this – because reputation means a lot for business success, that’s why it is very much important for maintaining it.

Thanks to the internet, all modern business company has more chances to become more reputable and attract new customers towards their services. Accepting and considering the fact most of the people spend more time on the internet, so online reputation becomes more important to build. So it is clear that every businessman is giving their hard efforts on building and maintaining his online reputation.

While developing your online reputation, you must need to understand and remember the following facts:

–          It is controlled by search result that’s why SEO’s are very important for improving your reputation and support

–          It also counted in studies as well, that count of online and offline clients, and for that reason your online reputation can influence your company’s general reputation

–         Many special services exist, which can help you in developing and maintaining your online reputation if you don’t have sufficient knowledge and skills to do with your own.

Well anyway if you are sure that you can do it by your way, or you just want to try by yourself building an online reputation. Just follow the 10 simple steps which are mentioned below, which can help you in developing your online reputation for company, blog or brand.

1. Perform and study yourself, your company and services in detail

2. Think as a customer, so you will be able to perform in the same manner that they want to see

3. Customer support. Make yourself to go online so you can see good or bad about your services, and you will be able to make some improvements as well

4. Never forget about online marketing. Try to make marketing techniques for your use, because this may get significant for developing online reputation

5. SEO. Nothing can be the best rather than SEO because they will provide you the best search results for your company

6. Explore your company information about who you are and what you are. Use press release and news columns for that aim

7. Don’t forget or ignore blogging because it will give you the possible traffic towards your company. Apart from this you will be able to tell your customers more things about your work, and let them comment upon your blog so that will help you to improve your services. Internet users like sharing information if they found something helpful or special so if your blog attract them then will definitely appreciate your blog by sharing it. Feedback from clients is more positive and will improve your reputation as well.

8. Don’t ever miss the any online events or services which can help you to advertise your product.

9. Always prefer using tags

10. Get involved in various online activities or quiz this will build your reputation

As you have seen, nothing is too difficult here. Social networking, blogging, article etc. can help your brand becoming most reputable and recognizable in the online world. But remember the fact at the same time that your competitor may use the same strategy in a negative manner to spoil your online reputation.

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