How to SEO strategies for SMEs

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How to SEO strategies for SMEs

How to SEO strategies for SMEs

Content marketing has been more growth this year, with the change to the Google algorithm, it has been much speculation about the new SEO is no different from before, only sought to improve its quality. All these changes have resulted in changes in the guidelines used by webmasters for SEO.

What is the position to be taken by small businesses with recent changes?

Actually the actions that companies must adopt in its positioning strategy will depend on the activities carried out or not. If a business had little activity to excel organically in the search engines, do not have much to worry about, whereas if a business performing different actions to stay within the top ten search results, you must make several changes to their strategies.

Here we give some guidelines to consider when making SEO.

Paid links and creating automated texts are still considered a negative action. At this point there is nothing new under the sun. Companies adept at this activity know that their position will be considered bad. Google has also added new information at this point, indicating that the infomercials begin to be considered as paid links.

The Anchor Text in press releases are no longer favorable for organic positioning. Unable to use links within optimized articles, press releases or article directories, has generated a number of debates.

Another of the points that were changed was to exchange links. In this activity, Google has been more specific, making it clears that excessive exchange links, you unnecessary proliferation of marketing articles and links to sites of poor quality will hurt the ranking of pages. All these changes have also been launched to penalize companies that were engaged in placing and trading links with poor quality sites.

Is interesting that the terms used by the search engine to qualify some negative are:


Too much volume

Low quality

Google knows that not all promotional items are bad, and that with 166 million websites, quality content can go unnoticed for users if not well promoted. The search engine also known that many businesses generate links between them to change quality information and have a traffic exchange, but the measures implemented in the new algorithm are due to abuse by companies to increase the PR of your pages .

Companies want more accurate information to take steps

Although Google has given information about the new guidelines, many companies would like more specific information on strategies to follow to achieve good organic positioning, however, we all know that the search will not give us instructions on foot and toes on how to achieve excellence in SEO. All we know is that prior activities should now be much more moderate, and taking good care of the quality of links and exchanges of leagues.

Does Link Building is a bad activity?

Many may think that building links strategy has now become quite harmful for SEO, but this is not true, Google will continue to consider the creation of links to position a site. The only thing that has changed are the guidelines for the development of this activity.

The SEO towards quality

According to many bloggers, the current SEO seeks to increase the quality of the browsing experience of users, although, these new guidelines are similar to those above, Google has said it intends that the links are generated now than to manipulate the PR of a page.


Micro enterprises who want to stay with a good organic positioning, should pay attention to all the changes that have been made to the algorithm, in order to change your SEO strategy and provide quality content.

Create articles, press releases, generate links, infographics and videos continue to be strategies to promote organic positioning, but SEO professionals should be careful not to fall into the excess and no shoddy generate links affecting web portals.

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