What is the real importance of SEO?

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What is the real importance of SEO

What is the real importance of SEO

SEO Talking is not limited only to seek a better positioning for a site, includes several terms that directly or indirectly influence the ranking of sites. Create a website and optimize it allows popular search engines like Google and Yahoo, to find it, “read” and index, in order to be displayed in the top results of a search.

In order to select the most relevant pages and provide more accurate results for users, search engines and parameters set certain criteria to be met by sites. In order to avoid results manipulated and specially modified pages to appear in the top results, search engines are constantly changing their algorithms.

Now, acquire relevant links pointing to a site is an essential part when you want to gain a good position in the search engines, the content has also become one of the most important criteria to consider, since, for example, Google may notice duplicate content and meaningless.

In the medium and long term, the best strategy for improving the ranking of a site, is constantly creating new content, using keywords, use variations of these words and above all, not to abuse its use. The text must be readable and not meaningless.

The incursion of social networks to the users’ everyday life has become a watershed in SEO. The million subscribed users, the speed in which they share content and above all, the difficulty of manipulating looking to improve the SEO, made part of any SEO strategy.

For any business, but especially small and medium, place their products and services within the first page of results, would reach thousands of Internet users who may be potential customers.

The importance of SEO is that you can quickly get thousands of customers, millions if you offer services or products worldwide. The optimization of the search engines has become undoubtedly an essential part of the growth of many companies.

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