How To Optimize Facebook Graph Search And What Actually It Is

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How To Optimize Facebook Graph Search And What Actually It Is

How To Optimize Facebook Graph Search And What Actually It Is

Facebook Graph search is a logic search engine which was introduced by Facebook in March 2013. It doesn’t concentrate at all on internet for bringing the right answers for your queries – it is developed for focusing on performing a social search.  Facebook is having over one billion active users and it owes a lot of data by them. By using the advantage of having personal data, so by that it has developed a search feature which gives you user-specific search. Just for keeping simple, all the data generated by people in your Facebook groups is searched to find a personalized answer to your query.

Day by day Google’s search model is being revolutionized and the manner way we look for and find information, the internet is breaking at its high because of data and it becomes a bit tough to find the exact answer for exactly what we are looking for. The Internet search cannot beat personalized recommendations – if you don’t find the satisfactory answer regarding your query on Google, then the remaining best option is to seek the opinion or help of your friends.

With Graph Search, it becomes possible and easier for users to search the news feed of particular user, or he or she is able to enter a general search query which comes up with results which is basically based of Facebook data friends and other people whose profile is open to public. Apart from this Facebook also add information from other sources as well or by the content which is being directly shared with the user.

Graph search is an acceptable search engine and that’s the other major advantage; it means that user can enter more natural search as they like. It also allows users for searching places and for any things with location as well. It is needed, because if your business comes up in any search results, then it will be beneficial for you.

So ready for Facebook graph search?

It is too early if we comment regarding the impact which Facebook Graph Search will have on traditional search. People are addicted towards Google for any query. So will they start using Graph Search extensively? The main purpose of this search tool entrains Facebook users to develop more connections and friends. Publicly, is not known that what exact criteria that Facebook uses to rank search results, but the results are various and which changes from user to user.

What your business can do to stay on top of the things? The first thing you need to keep in mind that the advantage of graph search is a matter of promotion which is more close to SMO rather than SEO. The factors which will create your Facebook popularity will be the factors that will help you show up in the Graph Search results. There are quite smart things which you can do on this social search engine for marking your strong presence:

1. Know EdgeRank: there are not sufficient information is available what parameters EdgeRank uses to rank a post in a user’s search results, all we know is just that it totally depends on continuous user engagement. Just because of few likes by some user doesn’t mean that your page will show up on their page: EdgeRank depends on special interactions which based recently. So it’s necessary for you to keep in touch with your users.

2. Increase User Engagement: if you the more Facebook friends or followers you have, then your chances will get increase for showing up in the results of their search. You can imply the time tested method of using interesting pictures and videos for making your page interesting for users. Always make sure that your content is related to your business and has the right keywords, and try to generate user’s interest and make them to comment and interact with your activities.

3. Engage in all the Local Pages: local search plays an important role in a Graph Search. Whenever a user is looking for any restaurant or shop in their locality, then there is a good chance for you, if you clearly mentioned your location. If your business is having multiple branches, then it is sensible that you need to create separate Facebook pages for all locations.

If you owe a successful social media campaign, then you are able to make the perfect Graph search. As of now, there are no known tricks which work with this search engine. Facebook is taking a little bit time for rolling out this exclusive feature.

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