Simple SEO Tips in Under 30 Minutes

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Simple SEO Tips in Under 30 Minutes

Simple SEO Tips in Under 30 Minutes

SEO is a unique process by implementing which you will come to know that your website not only shows up on a search engine result page, but it can also rank high results at its best. May be SEO can be a daunting task, and yet in today’s economic climate, but it can really make a difference. There are countless ways to work on your SEO strategy; here are some quick and some basic by which you can start with.

Maintaining Links

Always make sure that any inbound link which you get from sites they must be reputable, and also it should be relevant to your website and its content as well. If your website is dealing with loans then there’s no reason to get links from a lingerie site. And make sure that you always favor quality not quantity.

Getting inbound links from popular sites are far better than having a dozen of links from sites which rarely gets traffic. Links from .edu and .Gov sites always have good reputations and are considered very credible; consequently, they are harder to acquire. Overall fact remains the same, the better your inbound and outbound links, the higher a ranking your website will receive.

Use Appropriate Keywords

Don’t rush and don’t go for short approach when it comes to keywords. No need to overload your text with the same keywords by using it again and again, because search engines look for it and may penalize you as well.  Keep keywords on the topic, and make them consistent all over your site.

Keyword Phrases

Apart from additional keywords, each page of your website should contain its own unique keyword phrase. The keyword phrase shouldn’t be used for the entire site; give it individual to each its own page, don’t forget to make sure that the content should always compliment the phrase. The keyword phrase should also show up in the title tag, and if possible, in the URL.

Call to Action

Don’t be cold; make sure that you have a perfect call to action, and should have a clear and strong message. Because, it won’t make no sense to attract people to your site, only to forget to say what amounts to “So, now that you know who we are and what we provide, what are you going to do about it?” you need to show the people that what advantage they will get by opting your services.

Image Rehab

The first prominent thing is that your image should contain file names and that are actually descriptive, as opposed to stuff liking 45yyh.jpg. Believe it or not, it can help in a search. Also, make sure that your image contains captions, and that should include good keywords as well. And as a reference in an earlier tip, we would like you to suggest embed links in images, because many people instinctively click on the pictures. Images can be ranked according the text which you surrounded, because it also keeps an eye on things like headings and keyword text.

Social Media!

Things end up here somehow when it comes to social media right? Just assume that you have your presence on various social media platforms, make sure that you have all the information filled in the “About” fields, and use terms that people would use when looking for a business such as yours. Don’t forget to link your social media profiles link back to your website.

Get On Google Plus

Still you are not on Google Plus, than go for it today. After creating an account, create a Google Plus Local Listing, and this will give you an advantage when your users will do a local search. Make sure that all of the relevant details of your business (location, phone number, hours, etc.) are included. And once it is done all you need to do is that you need to update it. If you give your hours towards it, people who are searching online won’t come to know about it if you wouldn’t reflect the change in your online listing.


It is a worthy investment of time to build a website; it takes less than an hour to go thoroughly to your website and make sure thing everything is current. You’re your time to update your site, always keep fresh content, and make sure all the information is current and relevant. Make sure that the content you are keeping is clean and current.

By following the above tips, you are on the way of making unique SEO strategy. If you just think above on each tip, just a half hour on each tip, that’s just a four hour investment that can be done once a week (although twice a week would be better!) to ensure that your search engine visibility increases and stays that way.

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