Optimize Landing Page for Facebook Traffic

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Optimize Landing Page for Facebook Traffic

Optimize Landing Page for Facebook Traffic

Getting traffic from Facebook is a quick and easy thing, but if you’re not good at optimizing the landing page then you may face the issue. Traffic from any source is good and helpful as well, but the traffic coming from Facebook is unique in its own way. Once you understand this concept how it really works, you will be able to create a landing page that will really convert.

Facebook traffic is different. If you are using Facebook for one thing like Facebook ads correctly, then you will be having the advantage to narrow down your key demographic. The fact that Facebook traffic is more granular is beneficial because you will be able to create specific landing pages for each demographic group coming from the site. This is actually different from an email newsletter where you suppose to make separate landing pages because all the traffic will be coming from a single link.

Make sure you have an accurate analytics site in order to optimize your landing page for Facebook traffic. Tracking down more information can really help you better in order to see what’s working and what’s not working. Once you are on way of tracking, you must create separate landing pages which are being designed by keeping particular group of people in mind.

You are able to change URLs when particular people click on your ad really easily, so it’s very simple to create a separate ad campaigns for each person  which you’re really trying to convert. Let’s take an example, if your Facebook ad is targeting women then make sure your landing page is welcoming them according. So if your audience is primarily women then break down them into smaller groups – based on age range.

Mistakes to avoid: once you have everything on hand and your process is going smoothly, then also your work are not done yet. As we all know, optimization is an ongoing process. This hold for Facebook traffic as well.

  • A/B testing — the most common mistake made by people is that they come up with one landing page design. You can avoid this by using a/b split tests. You need a software to set this up, but it’s more than spending time and effort. Basically, you will be showing your traffic two different versions of a page.
  • Being too generic — another common mistake made by people is that they become too generic. When you are dealing with Facebook, you are able to target particular groups of people so make sure you take advantage of this. Instead of having a generic landing page which may or which may not work for everyone, which include design elements and specific language that will reach out to your target audience and really grab them.

Unless your targeted audience is made up of highly tech-savvy individuals, you will find traffic from Facebook fairly unpredictable. Unpredictable simply means in terms of not showing any amount of trust to anything which they clicked on, and probably which took them outside Facebook afterwards. This is exactly what happens when your ads are being clicked – failed to generate trust.

Your landing page is being failed to convert your audience. The first thing you need is that your landing page designed should be clean and simple manner. The golden rule for having looked over it you need to identify at where your traffic comes from and optimize your landing page accordingly. Using variations of blue and white colors throughout the landing page calms the visitor down, creating a Facebook-like atmosphere.

Catchy titles are a must-have at any landing page. You have got 2 seconds to capture your visitor’s attention. Choose the fonts carefully as not all the fonts are easily convertible and reader-friendly. Georgia is known as a font to leave a professional impression while Arial Narrow is an easy read. You don’t have to necessarily use these fonts, but mixtures of these two with some other fonts might just hit the bull’s eye.

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