Is your ecommerce website mobile friendly

May 8, 2015 § Leave a comment


In today’s world, business is imperfect without having its online presence. Now, like earlier times, people don’t visit the stores and spend enough time, purchasing the commodity there. Instead, they just spend few precious minutes, to access the online sites and purchase the supplies of their choices.

Improvisations are going so far, that it has become a necessity to move ahead with the current pace, to achieve the desired goals. Moving ahead with the Ecommerce sites, the most recent advancement is Mobile Friendly Ecommerce Website.

Mobile Friendly Websites gives you a platform to browse and explore the websites in mobile handsets easily from anywhere anytime. Desktops may not be available all time, but mobiles will be accessible everywhere and that is the reason for this development.

This advancement can be adapted, by first checking that your website is mobile friendly or not, and maximum users are accessing the website from which mobile handsets, which will allow you to modify the websites, as per the visibility in the particular handset.

This can be checked by simple steps:

  • Log in into Google Analytics account
  • Choose your E – commerce site
  • Then click on the options as “Audience”  -> “Mobile” -> “Overview”

This will show you that which type of platform people are using the most i.e. Desktop or mobile handsets.

  • After knowing the type, by choosing the “Devices” menu, you can know about the type of devices used i.e. iphone, ipad and so on.

According to the results generated you will be able to redesign your website, which will not only give a fabulous look in mobile phones, but also will be able to provide better browsing and other online operations like purchasing etc.

To increase your conversion rates, be fast in converting your websites, Mobile friendly and Dynamic.


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