Website designing and its functions

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The internet has brought along with it many varied sets of new professions that help power its use and progress in the world. Most of today’s world is highly dependent on the internet for one reason or another. In fact all businesses have a certain stake in the internet whereby they use it to serve their purposes and means.

Web designing is one such new profession where teams of people sit together and design a website from scratch using coding languages and software. HTML is a frequently used coding language.

SEOs (Search engine optimization) is a term used to refer to the process that affects the visibility of a particular website in a search engine’s unpaid results. The obvious determining factor is that the more the site features in the search engine’s search list, the more chances are there of it drawing a large amount of traffic.

To make sure that your website is clean and polished and actually inviting and memorable, you must optimize your images so that it surpasses everything about your competition. First things first, having a really tastefully done and eye catching image on each page of your website is a must. It should also go well with the content displayed on that page. Always remember that photographs should be saved and uploaded in the JPEG format and graphic should be saved and uploaded in the PNG format.

Also make sure to balance the file size and resolution of the images. This helps in making the images web friendly and presentable. A large file size is an indication of either a large image size or high resolution. Be sure to check it and correct it if need be.

Make the images of a similar style and size. That renders a common feel throughout the whole website. Naming the images in plain English help the SEO of your website as it becomes easier for the search engine to procure your images whenever a search is made regarding the same topic.

Although all these steps may seem tiring, with practice you will be able to speed them up. They will boost your websites SEO considerably.


Top techniques to keep in mind when looking for that Perfect Website Layout

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01The online world in expanding at an alarming rate and not thanks to the abundance of online business, many companies have started taking a hard look at their websites. It is now known as the face of the company to the online space and most of the world as that is one of the things that is a source of information and a way for the company to connect with the needs of their customers. In India there are a number of companies that handle website development, and one of them Opti Matrix. Opti Matrix is one of those companies that specializes in Website Layout and works hard with a diverse team of industry professionals to give you that Perfect Website Layout so that your company succeeds.

Here are a few steps to ensure that you get that Perfect Website Layout:

  • Keep on jotting down ideas about the development of your website as there is no bad idea when it comes to getting that website layout. You never know where an old idea can come in handy.
  • Sketch out rough ideas of where you wish to position all the different elements. No matter the medium, you need to position it in an appealing way.
  • When the sketches are finalized, then you must use the Photoshop image as a grid system so that you know the exact placement and size of the images, content or videos.
  • Selecting the right font is another one of those decisions that shouldn’t be taken lightly as it needs to be bold and effective as a visual and the over and above that you must be able to understand what is written.
  • Colors of your website need to be selected as they give life to a bunch of what seems to be disjointed elements. You need to color co ordinate with the company colors, but the decisions need to be taken into account so that the viewer isn’t irritated by the choices and it has to complement the mood of the website.
  • The images that you choose to represent the ideas have to represent your current business thoughts. The images are a tool that need to be used in a way that it informs and gives a fair idea about the website to the viewer
  • It is important to take different parts of the website layout and put them together in a way that it creates symmetry. So it is important to consider the spacing between the different elements.
  • It is the small details on a website that can delay the launch of a new website, but making small changes like adding a small pop up, a change in color or gradient or something along those lines might make all the difference in the world.
  • Keeping the image pixels intact is important as people get annoyed when there are blurry image on the website. It can also create a bad impression on potential investors or consumers.
  • Making the design interface friendly can also make a difference as in this fast paced life it is important to have the information available to you on the go.
  • The developers of the website should have a say in the layout and the design as they will be the one who will be executing the layout, so the designers and the developers need to be on the same page with regards to the ideation and finally the execution.
  • The designer needs to pay close attention to his/her design throughout the entire process to ensure that your vision of the website remains intact and so that even the slightest negligence doesn’t prevent you from getting that Perfect Website Layout and end product.

Website Development is a hard task and it requires the co-operation of designers as well as the developers. If the designers give the developers the perfect website layout and the website is developed and refined in the optimum way then it makes for the perfect website for client. This is what Opti Matrix is offering their clients, the synergy between the Developers and the Designers to get the best out of them and make great products.

Developing and setting up a Website

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With the invention of the internet began a new era of communications that made the world seem like a global village of sorts. It still is today. The internet picked up steam on the basis of websites. Websites are basically virtual places or pit stops dedicated to a specific agenda.

Developing a website is hard work and requires the careful planning and implementation of several steps that must be executed in the precise order required. For this task Website development companies came into being that serviced clients by creating websites that catered to their client’s specific needs and demands.

They altered the websites according to their client’s demands and their target audience. Now web design is a field of expertise which requires some specific set of skills. It is part of developing a website. In fact it is the most important part.

Some of the different parts of web designing are: – interface design, user experience design, graphic design etc. Web designing is usually done by design teams in which individuals are responsible for a specific aspect of design. Each member of the team has to complete designated tasks in a particular span of time or else the whole project is on the verge of derailment.

In the process of web development, online marketing is an aspect that just cannot be ignored. In an age where every day there are heaps of websites being launched, what makes your website memorable or stick in the minds of the people? Online marketing is the answer. A cleverly marketed website will be memorable and appreciated by netizens. However this task also requires a specific skill set and therefore marketing companies are called in to do the job.

Web development in India has also taken off quite beautifully. With such a populated nation, the demand for web development has been high since the start. It will only grow further from here on. There are quite a few companies with very talented members in their team working to create multiple websites.

Reasons why cloud technology is 2015s hottest trend for mobile app developers

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Cloud computing is term that has been trending a lot these days on the internet. However most of us still don’t know what it really means. Mobile cloud computing basically refers to an infrastructure where both the data storage and the data processing happen outside of the mobile device.

This means that all your files and data can be saved separately onto a third platform with ever worrying about it getting permanently lost. Apps that utilize cloud computing technology are Google Maps, Gmail and various navigational applications. From a customer’s perspective, a cloud-based mobile application is similar to an app purchased or downloaded from a mobile application store like iTunes where the processing power is derived from the cloud and not the handheld device. So when these apps are launched from the iPhone home screen, these apps function like any other app.

Mobile application development means the development of apps for handheld devices. This business has increased its worth since its inception; from a few million dollars to quite a few billion dollars in today’s market. These apps can be added to the devices list of apps during manufacture or afterwards can be downloaded from the particular app download service on your handheld device. The job of an application developer is tough because they have to keep certain specifications in mind like screen sizes, hardware specifications and configuration because of the competition that exists in the market.

The cloud market will continue to be embraced by the I.T sector in 2015 as it offers unprecedented potential to customize things without having to improve on the storage capacity of the device. The networking technology will focus on software-defined networks which will function with automated and policy driven network management. Smartphone makers have already utilized cloud technology for quite a bit of their functions. Now mobile app developers are to follow suit because of cloud technologies benefits in terms of memory and storage space. The devices can also be offered updates through the cloud system wherein the update can be stored in the cloud itself!

Want to boost your sales higher and higher?

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ecommerce development

E – Commerce websites are the best way, for grabbing attraction of maximum customers towards your business, and keep them retained there. These websites helps in selling your products online i.e. by creating online websites for your business, displaying range of product categories with images, description, video etc., in the most relevant way.

If you want to develop authentic websites, then it is necessary to develop it from a reputed developer, having adequate knowledge and experience in this field.

Optimatrix, an IT company has a rich experience in developing best online customized e – commerce websites in India, just suitable as per your business needs, keeping your preference at top.

Significant characteristics of Optimatrix, which will compel you to choose it are:

  • Huge experience in developing unique websites, all the time for different users, as per their requirements.
  • Updated knowledge of latest tools and technologies, for developing websites, workable in all platforms.
  • Uses SEO mechanism, for lifting business position of your website at top, in all search engines.
  • Proficient in developing flawless websites, by using proper testing methods.
  • Ready to update your websites anytime, for adding or removing details.
  • Provides you good platform for interacting with your customers through blogs, comments, suggestion form etc., which can help you to easily add new offers and schemes about your products at websites.
  • Develops user friendly websites at affordable rates.


Joomla Web Development for Your Successful Online Business

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The internet has brought with it good tidings for a majority of different businesses. It has managed to revolutionize most of the world and the way the world works.

The internet has also given birth to a lot of new avenues that didn’t exist before. The backbone of the internet lies in websites and their development and functioning. To create and manage a website one requires a special kind of program termed the content management system(CMS).

The best content management system in the world since a few years has been Joomla. This funny sounding CMS has been responsible for a plethora of websites that the world is dependent upon. This is referred to as Joomla Website Development. It is an open source software which means that anybody in the world can be privy to its workings and improve upon its dynamics.

India is the land of I.T. No kidding. Therefore Joomla has caught on in a big way in India with numerous companies being dedicated to developing new websites using Joomla. Indians reach out to these companies for their needs.

The best company in India that does Website development and management through Joomla is called Opti Matrix. They claim to provide a complete Joomla web development solution after seeking an expert’s advice, building your Joomla website and then hosting it on the internet.

Joomla works to make sure that web content is published in all its glory and that the stages of the development are completed on the pre-determined time. It is built on a framework known as the ‘model–view–controller web application framework’ so that it can be used independently of the CMS.

Joomla’s funny name was derived from a Middle Eastern word ‘jhumla’ meaning ‘being together’ or ‘sticking together’. Since its inception, Joomla has been download millions of times and has thousands of free and commercial extensions available on the official Joomla directory. Joomla is probably the second most used CMS (the first one being WordPress).

Joomla extensions improve its functionality. They are categorized into five groups: Plugins, templates, modules, languages and components. Each one is responsible for completion of a specific function or task that makes the working of the CMS easier and smoother.

The people who develop websites using Joomla have a specific designation assigned to themselves – Joomla Developer.

Pointers to follow to make your website the best it can ever be

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Let’s start off with your website, you need to have a website… lets say that it is the best website in the world, but does it have all the right elements to make it generate some money from you. When this resource is used properly, then it can prove to be a great asset or a fantastic marketing tool.

You need to ask yourself some questions about your website to gauge the effectiveness of the website. 1) Does your website covert, 2) does the website engage the viewers, or 3) are you measuring traffic reports. If you answered any of the questions with a no, then it is safe to assume that you aren’t getting everything out of that particular resource. You need to complete all these different tasks or fulfill all these criteria to maximize performance and make it a lead generation machine.

  • You need to get a landing page which means that when a visitor clicks on your link on a search engine or your advertisement. The landing page must lead directly to your offer that you are promoting otherwise it will not be great for the business if the viewer is going through all the other goods and services and isn’t getting information on the particulars that they searched for.

  • Adding a blog is beneficial as it provides information as well as being an effective tool for content marketing. Adding weekly posts about interesting subjects on your blog can attract more viewers and readers for the blog and make them hooked and keep them coming back for more.

  • CTA or Call to action is an integral part of any business as it tells the viewer to get in touch or call or download now. Focusing on CTA means that you are making them view your website as a call to arms for the next step. CTA also means that the viewer will focus on your website and notice it correctly.

  • Social Media has gained a lot of importance over the last few years and thanks to the speed and reach of the internet, it is important that your website have all the help it deserves by using SEO and the social media services t its potential

  • Website analytics is one of the most important things for any website as analytics can help you to make up where the business is falling short by identifying where you are deficient. Website analytics has been provided free of cost by Google and it can help you with all the statistical data that you need to keep up with your competitors.

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