I/O Conference 2015 sees the revelation of Google’s latest OS – Android M

June 4, 2015 § Leave a comment


Google’s I/O Developer’s Conference 2015 was held in San Francisco. Google is out to surpass the quality and efficiency of long time competitor Apple. In competition to Apple’s iOS, Google has revealed the much awaited android ‘M’. Apart from smooth functioning and better graphics, Android M will enable users to pay online. It also shows a promise of providing better internet security.

Google is planning to develop counter apps for each Apples products. Search engine giant Google, recently launched Google Pay that will serve online payment facilities to Android users. Unlike Apple Pay, Google Pay is compatible with most android operating systems, especially KitKat and Lollipop.

As promised, Android M is going to provide optimum security to users. Google will be providing finger print security system just like Apple iOS. And if that is not enough, Android M is programmed to provide better privacy , secure permissions and other facilities to enhance user security. Android M also provides better control on permissions for third party app, enabling users to provide as little information as possible.

Like all of Google’s operating systems, Android M might be named after candy. Google is pondering over Muffin and Marshmallow. But what’s in a name, especially if you are going to get amazing features like better word selection, friend detection, doze – which will allow unused apps that constantly suck battery, to sleep, Google Now, Now on Tap, and many more. Google is doing everything in their power to outdo Apple and give all users extraordinary mobile features.

Launch of Android M, this fall will be absolutely worth it.

Along with the exciting news of Android M, Senior VP of Google Mr.SundarPichai also declared the launch of Brillo, an Android bases operating system for low-processing IoT units. A hi-tech platform for gadgets with IoT based gadgets.Mr.Pichai also announced an upgrade to the Android Smartwatch which will include the always on mode, this means you will always be connected to the world, even when asleep.

Google has set out on a mission to provide optimum user experience to  Android users all over the globe


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