Reasons why cloud technology is 2015s hottest trend for mobile app developers

June 24, 2015 § Leave a comment


Cloud computing is term that has been trending a lot these days on the internet. However most of us still don’t know what it really means. Mobile cloud computing basically refers to an infrastructure where both the data storage and the data processing happen outside of the mobile device.

This means that all your files and data can be saved separately onto a third platform with ever worrying about it getting permanently lost. Apps that utilize cloud computing technology are Google Maps, Gmail and various navigational applications. From a customer’s perspective, a cloud-based mobile application is similar to an app purchased or downloaded from a mobile application store like iTunes where the processing power is derived from the cloud and not the handheld device. So when these apps are launched from the iPhone home screen, these apps function like any other app.

Mobile application development means the development of apps for handheld devices. This business has increased its worth since its inception; from a few million dollars to quite a few billion dollars in today’s market. These apps can be added to the devices list of apps during manufacture or afterwards can be downloaded from the particular app download service on your handheld device. The job of an application developer is tough because they have to keep certain specifications in mind like screen sizes, hardware specifications and configuration because of the competition that exists in the market.

The cloud market will continue to be embraced by the I.T sector in 2015 as it offers unprecedented potential to customize things without having to improve on the storage capacity of the device. The networking technology will focus on software-defined networks which will function with automated and policy driven network management. Smartphone makers have already utilized cloud technology for quite a bit of their functions. Now mobile app developers are to follow suit because of cloud technologies benefits in terms of memory and storage space. The devices can also be offered updates through the cloud system wherein the update can be stored in the cloud itself!


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