Website designing and its functions

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The internet has brought along with it many varied sets of new professions that help power its use and progress in the world. Most of today’s world is highly dependent on the internet for one reason or another. In fact all businesses have a certain stake in the internet whereby they use it to serve their purposes and means.

Web designing is one such new profession where teams of people sit together and design a website from scratch using coding languages and software. HTML is a frequently used coding language.

SEOs (Search engine optimization) is a term used to refer to the process that affects the visibility of a particular website in a search engine’s unpaid results. The obvious determining factor is that the more the site features in the search engine’s search list, the more chances are there of it drawing a large amount of traffic.

To make sure that your website is clean and polished and actually inviting and memorable, you must optimize your images so that it surpasses everything about your competition. First things first, having a really tastefully done and eye catching image on each page of your website is a must. It should also go well with the content displayed on that page. Always remember that photographs should be saved and uploaded in the JPEG format and graphic should be saved and uploaded in the PNG format.

Also make sure to balance the file size and resolution of the images. This helps in making the images web friendly and presentable. A large file size is an indication of either a large image size or high resolution. Be sure to check it and correct it if need be.

Make the images of a similar style and size. That renders a common feel throughout the whole website. Naming the images in plain English help the SEO of your website as it becomes easier for the search engine to procure your images whenever a search is made regarding the same topic.

Although all these steps may seem tiring, with practice you will be able to speed them up. They will boost your websites SEO considerably.


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