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With iPhone6S around the corner, here is a description of all that you should know about iPhone 6S based on leaks, rumours and analyst to provide you with a good look at what to expect in this next generation iPhone.

As far as history goes with Apple, they’ve been pretty predictable with their designs for two generations that usually share the very same design and this generation will be no exception with iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. When it comes to the design difference, there isn’t much between iPhone 6 and 6s, however there will be a new colour option of ‘rose gold’ which will be offered on the new iPhone 6s and it’s going to be a more subtle shade and this is in a move to mirror the Apple watch colour choices which is being currently being offered in rose gold.

iPhone6s would show about 0.2 millimetres increase in thickness although design of the watch will change very little but the actual material will change. The iPhone 6s will adopt the 7000 series aluminium use in the production of the Apple watch which will result in 60% stronger aluminium while retaining the same light and being 30% less dense than steel.

No matter what rumours you hear, but the real logic is that Apple doesn’t change the design until two generations, so you will definitely be seeing an iPhone 6s not an iPhone 7.

With iPhone 6S there definitely will be a change in the display but not with the resolution or size but instead with the ‘new force technology’. This is something taken straight from the Apple watch. ‘Force Touch’ basically differentiates between a soft tab any firm press on your display. This opens up a world of new interaction with your device.

For example:

  • Map application- Instead of tapping to drop a pin you can ‘force tap’ and it’ll actually drop one for you faster.
  • Playing Media – You can scrub through the music with different intensity based on how hard your pressing on the button. Now that is really neat!

There are lot of under the skin interactions that weren’t previously available and this will have a large learning curve to it. This gives you a 3D depth to your actual phone display.

The other features with iPhone 6s, Apple is going to be introducing the new A9 chip. It’s a 14nm construction compared to the 20 on iPhone 6 with 2GB LP-DDR4 Ram, making iPhone 6s a powerhouse.

Basic features of iPhone 6sare:-

  • Smaller Footprint
  • Thinner construction
  • New LTE Chip 2x Faster from 150 to 300 Mbps
  • From 20 to 14nm
  • Will run cooler under intense duress

The largest camera jump in Apples entire history will be with iPhone 6s. It will compose of 12 megapixels with 4K video recording and 1080P slow motion options. Even the front camera will be of 5 megapixels with a wide angle sensor and 1080P video capabilities.

As said by ‘Tavis McCourt’ of Raymond James and Associates, “I think the iPhone 6s will have more hardware improvements than any other S version that I can remember. I think it’ll have a significantly better user experience”.

All in all the iPhone 6s will be a significant upgrade to the iPhone 6. Although there is a lot of speculation on the release date but usually there is a rough time frame and this time around it will be during September 25 to 28.



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iphone apps

You have all the rights, to sustain in market with good credentials, and with best brand image. But, for that, you need to indulge yourself, in adopting best classified practices, which can bring your business to a best level, which no one has ever thought of.

This can be done, by understanding the recent trend, customers’ expectations, their taste and demands. All the sources and references states that current high demand, is for iPhones among today’s users. People want to do every function, like banking, travel, business, financing, marketing, recharging etc., easily and flexibly, by using iPhones.

iPhones useiOS,which is best preferred by iPhone application Development Company, as iOS is the top user-friendly platform, providing, lot of new functionalities and features.

If you approach best offshore iPhone application Development Company, then you can get all the desired benefits, which are expected out of iPhone apps development.

Offshore companies operate not from your region, but have extraordinary skills, to give you desired results and benefits as:

  • Their technical team, is so well versed, with all latest areas of iPhone app development, which is reflected totally in their work.
  • Doesn’t have set procedures or huge systems, but provides your work in your desired time, without any delays.
  • Communicates from anywhere they are located, very easily and comfortably.
  • Promotes your iPhone apps in all the regions, using some or the other tactics.
  • Demand a minimal amount of money, and still provides worthy services.
  • You can trust them without any risk.
  • You will be able to make any type of iPhone app for your customers, to please them in different ways.

Choose Optimatrix, and get better future for your business, at the least expenses, and efforts.

Get top most services from us online.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5– Features and more

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A Samsung user or not, when it comes to Samsung Galaxy Note 5, everyone wants to grab it. Read on and you will be able to know more about its features and some detailed information that you keenly have been waiting for.

Previously, it was believed that the company would stick with its IFA timeline to launch its Galaxy Note 5, but the recent reports claimed that Samsung will launch this handset instead.

Unfortunately, the sales of the Galaxy S5 were a bit on the lower end therefore allowing the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to be a bit early. Since its main competition is against the new iPhones, Samsung is all set to introduce its most powerful device. The launch of this device is just around the corner which got confirmed through the company as it begun updating its official website.

The competition you see is not only with you or doesn’t revolve around your lives but also around the phones. Hence, the company Samsungis considering launching the Galaxy Note 5 sometime in mid- August to avoid going up against the iPhone that is also declared at roughly the same time. Otherwise, usually, the company would launch its Galaxy Note series in the month of September.

But competition is competition, besides it’s the features of Samsung Galaxy Note 5that makes it more exciting to buy:-

    1. 4GB of LP DDR4 RAM .
    2. The Exynos 7422 SoC, which will be the company’s first true single-chip solution (ePOP) combining an octa-core 64-bit CPU, GPU, RAM, the Shannon 333 LTE in the same package.
    3. It will also come with a 5.67-inch super AMOLED QHD display and S Pen.
    4. It has a glass back and supports wireless chargingwith WPC and PMA standards.

  • The device will be obtainable in four different colors, including black, white, silver and gold.

No doubt this device comes with an exclusive range of features that makes you feel worth waiting for.You ought to grab your hands on this one before someone else does.


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web trends

Boring texts are long gone. Animation, videos, engagement platforms are the talk of the town. If each website is created like this, we would be on the internet 24X7. Therefore it is extremely important for Web Development Company’sto adopt the most ideal design and development strategies that will enable them to flourish their business.

The websites today are more informative, interesting and communicative, therefore catching viewer’s attention. There are confusions and arguments on which trend is in and which ones are outdated. To help you remove this confusion, following are the trends that any Web development company can follow for 2015:-

  1. Old trends keep coming back in different forms. So if you have an old theme in mind, mend it with the latest and then make something out of it.
  2. Features like swipe, scroll, slides etc. has made it easy for website visitors to navigate through a site & find relevant information because of the advancement in touch screens.
  3. Adobe flash player is completely off the table now, so think twice before you make those graphics.
  4. Completely eliminate the idea of pop-ups while designing a website. They tend to irritate the visitors.
  5. Web development companies should use flat designs. They are simple and easy to create with no drop shadows, textures or gradients in the web platform. As said by Amelia Barr “It is always the simple that produces the marvelous”.
  6. A smart way to keep your visitors engaged while your website loads in the background, is that you can use pre-loader animations. They are fun, interesting, so much so that your visitors won’t shift to another website.
  7. Ghost buttons are the new trend. They aretransparent & empty shapes, mostly in square or rectangular, bordered by a very thin line. These buttons consists of simple plain text in the middle in a suitable font.

There are many more to add, but the best of the best have already been specified. If you have a requirement and are looking for which of the web development companies compliment the above, then Opti Matrix

is the place to be. They are the best web design company in India and you will be more than fully satisfied with them.

Challenges Faced by Mobile App Development Companies

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We live in a world of modern technology and innovation. And the fact remains that this is only going to grow. With internet being the fastest growing technology in the world, it gives a cut to cut competition to the number of mobileusers as well. And the number of people using cell phones is only going to grow further. India stands second in the world in the number of active mobile users. Also, it is expected that 1 billion smartphones will be sold in the coming year.  Over 10 billion mobile internet devices are expected to be used in 2016, therefore giving a stronger edge to the mobile application development companies all over the world.

Women have upgraded themselves not only in household but also in technology. Many of them prefer to relax by playing games on their smartphones.  According to a research, women spend approximately 53 % of their application usage time playing games on their Android phones, on iPhones it is 31 %, and on iPads it is 48 %.

Though it seems a bit impossible, but starting and establishing a mobile app development company in India is a difficult task. The following are some of the challenges faced by start-up companies:-

  • Restraining Resources:Androidand iOS are the main leads for smartphones and most of the people have their hands on experience on the Windows side. But the fact remains, Windows is not a part of mobile platform although it should be.

  • Security: Everyone needs security, from a mobile user to a non-mobile user to also a manufacturer making the mobile The responsibility of protecting data lies completely on application developers’. Hence, they should be able to incorporate encryption down to the file system level.

  • Gathering as well as implementing ideas: Doing the homework is very essential in starting a new business which includes gathering all ideas, investigation, decisions to be taken by expert’s referral and also knowing a company’s business model.

  • Finance: Investors want to see great projections before they agree to invest in a new business. So, be clear about how much money is required and where you are going to get it from.


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web design agency

Creativity is in the air. Website designing is one such creative platform where thousands of youth have joined to become one. With the growth of innovation and technology, websites are becoming more and more popular. Also there are millions of users who go through a website for personal or general use, therefore increasing the demand for website designing. Hence, if you are a business or an individual looking to redesign your website or develop a new one, then this is the place to be.  However it is also important to know how to pick the right design agency with talented designers and a creative mind. The website design agency makes all the difference when making a perfect website for your business. Thus, one should keep in mind the following tips for choosing the right website design agency:-

  • No matter what kind of business you have, or what you’re looking for, always do some research into the requirements and current trends prior to consulting any website design agency. Comparing your products with the other competitive companies and getting into the integrities can definitely help you with what is in demand.

  • Many agencies can fool you with the cost. Some maybe honest some maybe not. But it is for you to decide if you want to play smart or be fooled. So try and stick to your objectives and ask the right questions.

  • Don’t be in a hurry to make decisions. It is always ideal to consult more than 2 website design agencies prior to selecting one.

  • If you have not done the research of the agency, then you are at a backlog here. Because it is always sensible to do some homework and research about the web design company’s reviews, testimonials and their overall image. This way you will not be deluded with their portfolio at the same time make the right call if they suit your requirements.

  • Once you have decided which one to go along with, discuss and clarify their timely delivery & milestone based delivery.

Cloud computing for Android and iOS apps

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The world of mobile phones has evolved to a tremendous degree since the invention of the device. It’s not even known by that name anymore. They are known as smart phones these days.

Smart phones are the lifeline of modern day life. The world relies upon them heavily for all kinds of reasons and functions. Applications are used to achieve this end. Applications are designed for a specific purpose with a specific theme in mind.

The smart phone sector has two great leaders; Apple and Google. While Google has not as yet delved greatly into the hand held device or smart phone manufacturing market, it provides the operating system for most of the mobile phone companies in the world called Android. Apple is the exception; they have their own Operating system called the iOS.

Mobile app developers basically have two types of different operating systems to adhere to. Both systems have fundamental differences and apps have to have two different versions if they want to cater to their audience.

The mobile app development process is quite time consuming and lengthy. All sorts of decisions need to be made to see that the app comes to fruition. The app has to be built to cater to a large consumer base and therefore has to be able to store large amounts of data. Nowadays this is done through a process called cloud computing.

Cloud computing involves the use of servers that are completely hosted on the internet that can be remotely accessed. This is energy efficient and also monetarily feasible as it doesn’t involve much effort and money.

Through the use of cloud computing, apps survive in the modern world and carry out the functions that they were built for. Usually companies hire third party app development companies to take care of all the data processing involved with the app. However, sometimes a company may choose to host all the data on servers; controlled by them.

Anroid apps and iOS apps are the two main types of apps. While generally an app is available on both OSs’, there are apps that are exclusively designed for either the Android or the iOS.

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