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web trends

Boring texts are long gone. Animation, videos, engagement platforms are the talk of the town. If each website is created like this, we would be on the internet 24X7. Therefore it is extremely important for Web Development Company’sto adopt the most ideal design and development strategies that will enable them to flourish their business.

The websites today are more informative, interesting and communicative, therefore catching viewer’s attention. There are confusions and arguments on which trend is in and which ones are outdated. To help you remove this confusion, following are the trends that any Web development company can follow for 2015:-

  1. Old trends keep coming back in different forms. So if you have an old theme in mind, mend it with the latest and then make something out of it.
  2. Features like swipe, scroll, slides etc. has made it easy for website visitors to navigate through a site & find relevant information because of the advancement in touch screens.
  3. Adobe flash player is completely off the table now, so think twice before you make those graphics.
  4. Completely eliminate the idea of pop-ups while designing a website. They tend to irritate the visitors.
  5. Web development companies should use flat designs. They are simple and easy to create with no drop shadows, textures or gradients in the web platform. As said by Amelia Barr “It is always the simple that produces the marvelous”.
  6. A smart way to keep your visitors engaged while your website loads in the background, is that you can use pre-loader animations. They are fun, interesting, so much so that your visitors won’t shift to another website.
  7. Ghost buttons are the new trend. They aretransparent & empty shapes, mostly in square or rectangular, bordered by a very thin line. These buttons consists of simple plain text in the middle in a suitable font.

There are many more to add, but the best of the best have already been specified. If you have a requirement and are looking for which of the web development companies compliment the above, then Opti Matrix

is the place to be. They are the best web design company in India and you will be more than fully satisfied with them.



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