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If you want to gain some hands on knowledge about web data analytics, then this is the right place to be. As an analyst, if you know how to use any tool effectively, then you are one of the smartest analysts around the globe. Google Analyticsis one of the prospective tools that can be used to derive the specific insights from the data.

Following are the ways by which any analysts can use Google Analytics in a smarter way:-

  • Empathy from market segments: This can help you understand what kinds of people out there are interacting within your websites. Market segmentation basically allows you to plan and create the market strategies. Analysis can be done by their age, gender, location, interests etc. However, it is important to note that the data collected from these Market Segments are from the cookies and not from the Google analytics

  • Shortcut option available by Google Analytics: This shortcut provided by Google Analytics will help you process your reports faster rather than reconfiguring one report at a time. It can be used for both standard and custom reporting.

  • Customize the dimensions: Anything that can be customized always works in their favor. Even with Google Analytics, you have an option of customizing the dimensions of the visitor such as location, demographics etc. With customization you can combine Google Analytics data with that of non-Google analytics data. They play an important role in the custom reports and appear as the primary dimensions.Custom dimensions also help you to track customers who purchase multiple products, and other related interactions.

  • Multi-Channel Funnels: In Google analytics, there is something know as Conversion’s and under that, there is an option called Multi Channel Funnels. Under Multi channel funnels, we get to see PathLength and TimeLag.
  • Path length: This shows the number of times the user visited your site before the actual conversion.
  • Time lag: This helps you know how many days a particular conversion occurred.

This report is useful in many ways as it gives you the total number of conversions, conversion value, and the percentage of conversions. Hence, allowing you to segment both the reports.

  • Assisted Conversions: It counts all conversions that a channel has assisted. Even before a channel has passed the final interaction, it will be known as Assisted Conversions. Indirectly, this helps in analysing the number. The higher the number, the more priority you need to give.

  • Google Analytics applications: This helps to generate better reports and contains both paid and free applications. The applications can be selected from the different category depending upon the type of business you do. This encourages developers to create tools that can be integrated with Google Analytics

Google Analytics technology updates brings in more solution to make Web Analytics even better all depending on the skill of the analyst in order to make the maximum use of the Google Analytics platform.


Web Designing is popular Career in India

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Ever since the advent of the internet, the world has changed in a million ways multiple times over! The world has entered the age of communications. People can communicate with each other from anywhere in the world because of the flexibility of the internet. All one needs is a computer or a smart phone and they are good to go.

Most businesses realized the potential of the internet as a shopping pit stop quite early on. They developed their own sites in the virtual world and their business grew with the rise in availability of the internet to the people. Nowadays all businesses no matter how big or small have some kind of presence on the internet. This ensures that a good amount of reach that was impossible with just a physical store front.

The process of creating such unique websites is called web designing. It is one of the many new professions that owe their existence to the internet. Usually businesses hire a web development company to create and take care of their websites. Web development companies have teams of people that work on a single website.

The web designing market in India is quite wide spread. Because of the sheer strength of the population, the target audience for any business is quite large. This makes the job of web designing very important as the web site of a company is its virtual face and cannot afford to be shoddy as it will affect customer relations.

Opti Matrix is one of the leading web designing companies in India. It is based out of Ahmadabad and has done some quality work in the past couple of years. Opti Matrix was established in the past couple of years however the work it has done will feel like that of an experienced company. If your company is based in some other part of the world then Opti Matrix will outsource the work however you can be sure that the quality will be up to its standards.

Web designing has made its debut quite recently in the world yet it has undergone great advancement.


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Professional Designing Company Assessing Web Design and Development Service Providers can be a task. Even searching the same on Google or other search engine can be vague because there are so many of them. But if you keep the following points in mind, you will definitely be able to choose an excellent Web Design Service Provider:-

  • Trustworthy: There are thousands of Web Design Service Providers who will be ready to work for you. But it is your job to check how trustworthy they really are. A provider that holds an international certification should be given preference. The only reason why the certification matters so much is because the Web development companies have well-defined values and standards.
  • Quality of services: As said by Steve Jobs “Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected”. Satisfy yourselves by doing a proper research on their previous work. As you have done that you can go ahead and forge a relationship with them.
  • Costs comparison: It is important to select a Web development company that ensures a good blend of quality service along with economical price.
  • In-house capacity: Depending on your requirement’s whether you want a large Web development company or a small one; inquire about the company’s details. Quality is the main essence for any Web development company that you hire but along with that check on the number of developers they have employed, their infrastructure as well their total work experience.
  • Helpful: A Web Design service provider can be helpful by extending their availability throughout the day.
  • Communication: A Web Development Company which is well experienced would play an important role in the communication. It will allow you to communicate your messages to a large number of people. At the same time it will supply the required information to your clients as well as employees.
  • Awareness: Hiring a Web development Company can more likely be an asset to your company than a liability. One of the main reasons that they are well established is because they are aware of their competitors and so they will dothe same for you.
  • Economical: Pretty much similar to costs comparisons, but an excellent Web development Company would be the one which helps in saving time as well as money along with quality.
  • Enhance Customer Service: An experienced web design and development company would allow you to enhance the customer service so that there aren’t any complaints here forth.

Once you have these points taken into consideration and fit well with your requirements you will be able to find an excellent Web Development Company of your choice. Optimatrix is a leading Website Development Company in India. They have the Best Web Development & Mobile application Development Company and offer android, iPhone app, PHP, WordPress Development services.Their web marketing expertise will provide you with their web relevant services applicable to your objectives, constraints and needs.

Mobile App Designing is Digital Art

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The world had changed quite a bit since the invention of the computer, internet and smart phones. These three things are the virtual backbone of the modern world and a sizeable chunk of the population of the world is hooked on to them.

The internet made communication quite easy and free for everyone with an internet connection. Then came the social media explosion which just blew up everything and the world was never the same again. A great number of sites and online platforms became hubs of virtual existence.

All of this has given rise to a booming web development market all over the world. Companies that deal with web development are popping up everywhere with great regularity. Along with the market for web development there is a parallel market that deals with the creation of apps for mobile or smart phone.

Smart phones usually function on the basis of apps. Apps are nothing but programs or software designed to fulfill one specific task or function. They increase the functionality of the phone and make the experience of using your phone even better.

Mobile app designing is the term used for building smart phone or mobile applications. A great many companies juggle both the worlds of web development and mobile app design. However some companies prefer to focus on just one of the two.

The market for mobile app development is divided into two; Android app development and iOS app development. Android app development functions on different parameters than iOS development.

Opti Matrix is a company based out of Ahmadabad that was launched in the last couple of years. It deals in both web designing as well as mobile app development. It has done some really great work in both the fields and recently the company has started outsourcing the work for clients based in different locations.

The mobile app industry is only bound to grow because they are the backbone of the smart phone industry. The user experience of any phone is enhanced with the use of applications. The industry is only going to grow from this point onwards.

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