Mobile App Designing is Digital Art

September 3, 2015 § Leave a comment


The world had changed quite a bit since the invention of the computer, internet and smart phones. These three things are the virtual backbone of the modern world and a sizeable chunk of the population of the world is hooked on to them.

The internet made communication quite easy and free for everyone with an internet connection. Then came the social media explosion which just blew up everything and the world was never the same again. A great number of sites and online platforms became hubs of virtual existence.

All of this has given rise to a booming web development market all over the world. Companies that deal with web development are popping up everywhere with great regularity. Along with the market for web development there is a parallel market that deals with the creation of apps for mobile or smart phone.

Smart phones usually function on the basis of apps. Apps are nothing but programs or software designed to fulfill one specific task or function. They increase the functionality of the phone and make the experience of using your phone even better.

Mobile app designing is the term used for building smart phone or mobile applications. A great many companies juggle both the worlds of web development and mobile app design. However some companies prefer to focus on just one of the two.

The market for mobile app development is divided into two; Android app development and iOS app development. Android app development functions on different parameters than iOS development.

Opti Matrix is a company based out of Ahmadabad that was launched in the last couple of years. It deals in both web designing as well as mobile app development. It has done some really great work in both the fields and recently the company has started outsourcing the work for clients based in different locations.

The mobile app industry is only bound to grow because they are the backbone of the smart phone industry. The user experience of any phone is enhanced with the use of applications. The industry is only going to grow from this point onwards.


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