The Best Typography Art

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What is Typography ? It is nothing but the font styling done that makes it interesting while its appearance. This is a technique used by web designers to make the website or application more interesting.

For example,  they can use it which way they wanted to create logos, writing a title or text and etc.

Here are few example to have a more clear picture of its meaning. Below are the logos designed for its respective websites in a very creative way. It is itself symbolizing the word meaning with a pictorial view.

Typography_Art     Typography_Art_2      Typography_Art_3

However it is not considered s one of the most important element to be included while the development procedure , but it surely adds a star level if implemented.

Moreover, talking about the basic typography terms for the recent newsletters as well as responsive websites there has been few things noted from how this has been used into the current times, the below points are concluded.

  • Sans -serif/ Serif is the most used font for initial headings as well as body text .
  • Sans-serif is comparatively more used in body then header.
  • Times new romen which was the basic font previously has been replaced by the font Helvetica.


After the study, we suggest few of tips that need to followed so that to enhance typographic art.

  • For desktop, it is better to go by choosing big size fonts.
  • Other important case is to understand the point of viewing distance. We need to take care for responsive devices for the font size as the the fonts might not be viewed from the same distance.
  • Also, other point is to make sure for the content should not have mixed variety of fonts.
  • Typos and spacing issues would be a great fault to be figured out in website content.


For web designers, Your choice of typeface and how you make it work with your layout,  colour scheme, design theme and patterns and etc. will make the difference between  a good, bad and great design.



Why WordPress development is getting adapted so fast ?

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Are you also fond of WordPress developed websites ?

It is the most preferable technology towards which web developers are getting driven.

There was a time when the clients were have to come to the cooperation iteratively for any single modification or small changes on their website. But now, wordpress has resolved this thing totally.

WordPress nowadays is becoming everybody’s favoritetechnology both for web developers and for end users.

Let us discuss various attracting features of WordPress which is the reason for its popularity.

WordPress – an open source built

WordPress is a open source platform which provides a free and easy to use and edit service for the developers.

Now, a whole website development would cost you nothing. However there are additional features which are unique that can be installed additionally from wordpress plug in library.

Also, you choose a theme or add ons as your require separately.

So, basically you just need to pay for the cost of launching the website.

Apart from these benefits wordpress provides a good support and recent updates too.


More then 66 Millions of website has been built in WordPress including CNN, TechCrunch, Forbes and etc.

Searching for an alternative of coding ? Stop here! WordPressis the solution.

The reason why it is also helpful for the end users is that, the client can now upload images, blog, change content and can do much more thing by themselves.

You do not need to understand all the boring lengthy codes or concepts. You will find various customization option into WordPress and you can select according to your requirements.

Don’t Worry ! Google loves WordPress too, it wont affect your page ranking at all.

From the perspective of search engine optimization WordPress proves its quality here too.

Google loves to welcomes the websites which are streamlines with coding and maintains its consistency.

Also, posting regular blogs and updating your content is thing for which google will push your site up automatically.


Everyday around 20,000 people earn money through WordPress. A designer in WordPress costs 60$ per hour.

Your website is already locked up and secure !

WorPress provides various effective plugins for security purpose.

Website security is serious concern and google ranks down unsecured websites in actually no time.

Hacking, corruption and other such theft activities are well noted and taken care of.

Building our path towards success

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Going through recent development analysis, E commerce development is most risky aspect to be considered.

Thus those businesses runs successfully where we meet up the maximum expectation from client and requirements understands their needs provide them with creative website designs and create their brand value without compromising on their clients   standards  and specifications.

OptiMatrix, a Website Development company in India also provides one of its service asEcommerce Website Designing.

We are a team of expertise group and have created landmarks to sustain our business.

We are ultimate in consultation, having skills in diversity and adaptability to meet client expectations with great strengths.

We can define that we are the best example to deliver various technologies at OptiMatrix.

As we have a variety of services for our clients to choose from.

Services We Offer:

  • Website development with latest technologies
  • Website design
  • Working on Open Source platform
  • Mobile application development for android, iOS,windows.
  • Online Website promotions
  • Digital Marketing
  • Print media

Our Vision:

We at OptiMatrix, provides you quality services, where nothing is impossible to achieve.

We have always focused on our client’shappiness. Visit us to meet exact e-commerce website requirement with a number of elegant features, and, making online business experience more convenient by offering users an ultimate shopping experience with brilliant beautifully designed ecommerce sites and templates

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