WhatsApp end-to-end Encryption Feature is Legal in India, but for how long?

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WhatsApp has just released its new update having a new end-to-end encryption feature using a 256-bit key. While this feature seems to be very useful for many users from the security perspective, it also means that all user texts, images, videos and even calls cannot be viewed by anyone including WhatsApp itself.

If we look at the 2007 rule issued by Indian Department of Telecommunications, encryption which is higher than 40-bits cannot be used by any private companies without taking the permission from the Indian Government. Since WhatsApp itself will not have the decryption key, it will now find it impossible to comply with government requests for data.

It is to be mentioned here that 51% of all instant messaging services in India are using WhatsApp. And with this update, WhatsApp has just prevented the Government of India from accessing 70 million Indian users’ messages.This end-to-end encryption can fall into problems with India’s law enforcement and investigative agencies tracking terrorists.

Well, the good news for Indian WhatsApp users is that the Government has not made any comment or announcement on this yet, but it can be a big trouble in the near future. The Government of India can pursue the matter if it wishes to and even ban the WhatsApp in the country.

Such issues have been occurred in the past also. Some of the famous names are BlackBerry and Apple. BlackBerry faced similar issues with the Government of India over the threats of security posed by encrypting in the year 2010. And we all know the recent and famous Apple vs FBI case where Apple prevented government access to its data.

We also have other examples where the Government of India had restricted the use of certain digital platforms due to security risks. In the year 2015, Yahoo and Gmail were banned to use by government officials for any type of official correspondence. Other instance is of Indian Air Force where they have been asked to prevent their staff from using Chinese Smartphones in 2014 which were being used for spying.

WhatsApp could use a loophole which specifies that the rule only applies to Internet Service Providers and not Instant Messaging Services. We, being the active WhatsApp users, just hope that this issue gets fixed soon without breaching our national encryption policy.


Building a Professional LinkedIn Profile in 7 Easy Steps

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Last time we have published about Facebook and Twitter marketing strategies. There is one more social website which is used as professional way to communicate. It is a business-oriented social networking service which is being used by most of the corporates.

In today’s competitive world, it is necessary to be ahead of your competitors and a professional LinkedIn profile is one of those ways to keep ahead. Today we have brought 7 easy steps by following which, you can build a perfect profile which will ensure you fully maximize networking and job/employee searches.

1.    Profile Blueprint

There are more than 350 million professionals on LinkedIn. You need to pay great attention to creating a profile to stand out. Get yourself a professional photographer and get some professional pictures of yourself.You also need to fill every section of profile very carefully like name, headline, summary and background. Then you must add your experience and projects which you have done.

2.    Image Sizes

You should get your image size right to maximize your presence. Make sure to follow the specifications that LinkedIn has given in taking optimal images.

  • Personal Background: 1400 x 425
  • Profile Photo: 400 x 400
  • Career Page Photo: 970 x 240
  • Banner Image: 646 x 220

3.    Outreach for Recommendations

Recommendations add more creditability to your experience and work history. A solid combination of recommendations and skill endorsements can go a long way to successful interactions.

4.    Hidden LinkedIn Features

You may not be familiar with some of the hidden LinkedIn features like message, joining groups, taking notes, showing SlideShare presentations, showcase page etc. Use these features to stand out.

5.    Search Engine Optimization

You can optimize your profile by using LinkedIn’s inbuilt options. Go for optimized titles for job titles, add link back to your social and web properties, and customize your URL which is SEO friendly. These small things will make a huge difference.

6.    Be Active on LinkedIn Every Day

To become a LinkedIn master, you should be a good steward to your network by sharing your advice, providing values, and connecting your network leads. Here are some tips which you can implement right away:

  • Organize bit cards, LinkedIn info & notes in one place
  • Join and be active on groups
  • Turn off your activity broadcasts to hide yourself from your boss
  • Send a thank you message when someone is endorsing you
  • Add a short video about your company to your profile

7.    Secure Your Profile

It is important to make sure you know all of the ways to keep your personal LinkedIn account information private with news of so many high-profile data breaches. You can enable 2-factor authentication so that your account can be safe from being hijacked.

In addition to these 7 tips, I would also recommend you to enable premium edition of LinkedIn profile. It will provide you with much more features and visibility within networks. I hope with the above article, you will be able to build a professional profile and get a good job.

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