Things you need to make sure while you are writing a Guest Post

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Things you need to make sure while you are writing a Guest PostEvery one of you know the profits of guest posting, yet much in the wake of knowing advantages of guest blogging just some succeed to post their articles as a guest blogger, reason is they need to face numerous dismissal by the individual blog manager for whom they need to compose their guest posts. Dismissal may be a result of unessential subjects, poor written work abilities, syntactic blunders, replicated substance and a lot of people more. The vast majority of us compose guest blog for having a back link and to enhance our blog’s rank.

Every one of you needs to advance your sites and one of the most ideal approaches to advance your business or site is guest blogging. Subsequently here I am going to rundown 5 Points to remember while composing a guest post.

Pick a Perfect Blog:

Guest blogging draws in the readers and holder of different blogs to your blogs; however what’s the utilization of posting on the blog which doesn’t have your corner content. I intend to say that on the off chance that you are a holder of tech blog then attempt to post your article on other tech this will beyond any doubt expand your blogs readership. Not simply pick a blog of same corner additionally observe for a trustworthy blog who acknowledges guest blogs, written work for a blog with high PR will expand yours blog PR as well.

Be Creative and Unique:

Content quality dependably matters the most whether you are composing for your blog or for other’s blog. In the event that you need the blog manager to acknowledge your guest post attempt to set up all the deliberations of your composition aptitudes to that post, pick something special and identified with corner. Attempt to expound on the current points, act like a columnist, in the event that you cover a crisp and exceptional subject, this will unquestionably pull in more readers.

Quality Content:

Substance is a key to accomplishment in blogging. Quality substance dependably gets the attractions of readers. On the off chance that your substance pulls in the readers and blog holders they can request that you post more articles as guest blogger which will expand your web vicinity.

While posting your guest blog attempt to abstain from spelling oversights and syntactic blunders. These errors will hurt your notoriety. Attempt to give a short bio alongside one or two connections to your blog or site which you would need to advance.

Be Honest:

Never give your false blog details and other data. Guest blogging will clearly help you whether your blog is little or huge, then giving false details or data is of no use despite the fact that it will simply ruin your opportunities to be of a long haul guest blogger.

Advance Your Guest Post:

Advance your guest post among your readers and devotees by social networking, messages and so forth. It will pull in the blog manager and he will doubtlessly request that you post some more articles. More you advance your post more the shot of your prosperity.

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How to Leverage Your Blog to Generate Income on the Internet

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How to Leverage Your Blog to Generate Income on the Internet

How to Leverage Your Blog to Generate Income on the Internet

If you already have a blog because, you may also be able to leverage its expertise in generating revenue on the Internet with your blog.

Let’s look at some ways you can make money with your blog.

1.) Generate Income from Internet – Advertising

Get traffic to your blog is not only important in regard to people to know the content of your blog, but also this can be seen as attractive to certain people seeking places to advertise.

If you convert your blog on a very popular blog, people will want to advertise their products on your site, because they know that a lot of people can have access to it.

This makes your site is potentially viable for advertising, so you can charge those who are interested in promoting their products and services on your blog. If you become an expert in your niche, you can really get a lot out of this and generate income online.

2.) Generate Income On the internet – Online courses and eBooks

Do you have much knowledge about something? If you are a serious blogger, chances are it is. This can be capitalized offering readers online courses or electronic books that are related to your blog matter.

You do not necessarily have to do or prepare these courses or electronic books, in the market there are people who can do this work for you and you can simply give them some guidelines for processing.

Creating this kind of products, will make your reputation as an expert increases exponentially and the other products it offers, will be easier to sell.

3). Generate Income From Internet – Memberships 

Following the last idea, you can also create a paid membership club on this blog. People can make a monthly payment for quality information and knowledge you can become a revenue generator.

Remember though, it is always important to maintain a good quality of its content, especially if the monthly payment shall undertake the information you provide.

4)  Generate Income From Internet – Recommend Products

Affiliate programs such as or, are a great way to receive a commission as an affiliate. If people trust on you what you are talking about, you will hear when you recommend a product or service.

You can add an affiliate link on your blog to ensure that if they buy the book or product you have recommended, get a percentage of the profits.

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5 Tips for Maintaining Your Blog on WordPress

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5 Tips for Maintaining Your Blog on WordPress

5 Tips for Maintaining Your Blog on WordPress

Most of us care about the creation and promotion of content on blogs. Our concern is the frequency of article creation and commitment we have with our readers. However you need some more work on our part.

You need to find that our blog is healthy; it is one of the cornerstones for success. Search engines are becoming more strict with the quality of a site and not just simply add fresh content, have an attractive design, etc…

Safety, reviews and updates a blog helps is in top form. The maintenance does not have to be somewhat maddening if you adopt some good habits. In fact it only needed a few minutes periodically to keep in perfect match promise.

Let’s look at some tips that can help maintain your blog if you chose WordPress as CMS.

1. Backing: You may eventually find yourself with a problem as errors in an upgrade, malicious code injections or when editing a file. It is important to periodically copies of all your WordPress files and database. If something goes unexpectedly must always keep these copies for necessary face an unpleasant situation.

How can we create backups? Can be performed in several ways. The simplest can be manually from the admin panel of your hosting, or installing a plugins for this task such as “BackUpWordPress” which can be automated to the backup process.

2. Check that the plugins are compatible with the new version of WordPress: If you are upgrading, do not forget to check if the existing plugins are compatible with the new version of WordPress. Most people use free plugins, and these can no longer be updated. It is important to keep a check on the validity and usefulness of these. Here you can see some tips to consider before installing plugins.

It is advisable to remove the plugins that are outdated or not used. If it is very difficult to maintain a blog, you can always hire the services of an expert in WordPress for this work.

3. Safety Analysis : Make a security scanner frequently to ensure smooth operation of the blog. You can consider installing the plugin “WP Security Scan” for this in the password frequently can also help in maintaining the security of the blog.

4. Anti spam Filter : Filtering spam is one of the most important aspects to maintain a WordPress blog with good health. Make sure you have a routine to delete spam comments whenever you access the administration panel. There are times when you cannot access a blog when hundreds of spam comments accumulate.

5. Broken links : Search for broken links and correct them on the blog. Broken links reduce the popularity of blog and hurts usability. If manually can be very heavy to do this, you can download the plugins “Broken Link Checker” to repair broken links.

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How to Make a Link Building Strategy?

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How to Make a Link Building Strategy?

How to Make a Link Building Strategy?

Building a strategy leagues, helps generate links, adds value and builds loyalty among your company and your followers. Probably, increasing traffic to your site will not be imponderable like spam will realize, but we can assure that the effect will be more beneficial and lasting.

Today, experts say link building becomes more effective than any other known in the SEO activity.

The benefits of Linkbuilding

The link building has different benefits that you can take to improve your business:

  • The cost is less than other advertising strategies.
  • Its effect is concise and durable.
  • By increasing the quality of your links improve their relationships.
  • It adapts to the dynamism of the market.

Now that you know the benefits of the strategy leagues, it’s time to move on to the practical side of the matter.

How to create the link building?

In the first instance you should be careful with users to have fake links that point to your site, or be in pages that are not related to your business.

Attend events that talk about marketing and SEO, will help you build relationships off the web. Create relationships with people should be equally important to generate online links.

It is visionary. Consider the long-term prerogatives granted by the league strategy, think that contact with other people and other sites will bring many other benefits.

It offers something different. If your company has well exploited their differentiator, other people will want to interact with you by your originality.

Other tips for getting links

If you do not have a blog of your own, look for one with prestige and start contributing to it. Use tools like Followerwonk, or social networks like LinkedIn to find people related to your business.
If you have a blog, invite collaborators by mail. The fairs, symposia and conferences are another way to contact people in the middle. Make a brief interview to the people you exchange links, then paste the video on the league to increase its value.

Setting the strategy

Before starting to conquer links, you need to define what you expect from this SEO activity. You must think the way you build your strategy leagues and how they will board the task.

Experts suggest the following: building value and loyalty among your followers. If you manage your customers find added value in your brand will become loyal, which can be translated as a high ROI. Find ideas for commonalities, and use them to succeed in the linkbuilding.

What you should and should not do

You need to have certain guidelines when starting this activity. Take into account the following points:

  • Honesty: Be honest with the people that are going to make link exchange not promise what you cannot fulfill.
  • Go to the people: If you send a customized email, there is nothing more disheartening than a generic mail.
  • Find who’s behind: Investigate who is in charge of the websites or blogs, do not settle for knowing the source of information.
  • Do not be aggressive: No matter whether it is in person or by mail, when accosts people naturally do, do not push people if they have no interest in the linkbuilding.
  • Be friendly: A helpful attitude will make people stay near you.

What keywords are money?

Keywords that are money with help of those that can help you quickly find the people responsible for web pages.  Other keywords that you can serve in your link building are: writer, blog owner, marketer, copywriter, journalist, among others.

Keywords can also be used to make a survey about your competitors, know their followers and then see if you can relate to them. Relationships are an investment; they need to show results take shape. Be helpful to people, if you show willing to build quality links, managed to get the best benefits.

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5 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic

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5 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic

5 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic

Is often confused between tactics and strategy is, a fact. Today I will introduce 5 Simple tactics to increase significantly the traffic of your blog. But first I want start differentiating between tactics and strategies, good to know.

The strategy is a set of actions planned, coordinated and designed long term with clear objectives or goals. The tactic is the method or the form used with in order to fulfill such objectives. Today we focus on 5 tactics, of easy integration to increase traffic of our blog.

1. Write content for hearing of easy click

When we decided envelope that focus an article and treatment that want to give and consider the potential audience and choose the one that has easy click, in other words: the has more tendency to share articles in social networks.

In online culture exists the participation rule than 90 – 9 – 1, presented by the Dane Jakob Nielsen and which stipulates that in an online environment the 90% of the users only consume the information the 9% can that share that information of form casual and only the one% remaining are really contributors .

Finding that 1 +9% is a traffic formula, good content can assure us dissemination, but one planning target audience with previously is guarantee of success.

2. Find and participates in communities where junta your audience

From always have been spent substantial amounts of money on advertising to know where is located the target audience for a campaign to ensure contact. Today finding our audience is much easier.

Depending of our concept know that our potential readers are in different online communities , where to share articles of interest, engage discussions and especially are reported on the state of the industry of its sector. Also mention groups of Facebook or Linkedin related with our theme and where is mandatory interact.

3. Keyword Search before writing a post

No matter the theme or content of the post you go to publish, you can always perform small search keywords. Without having to modify the content has can think and orient it to obtain organic traffic long term.

Evidently this tactic does not translate into a significant amount of visits to short term, but obtain good positions in seekers are many and a constant flow of visits.

4. Uses Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a potent service and free. Insert Google Analytics to your blog can be done very easily and in the same tool explains the steps to follow.

Google Analytics us provides data of great value and utility, we can know where they come our visits In turn we will see that old posts are the that more traffic generate or those who more traffic attract, perhaps we can raise make a second version of the same or update it with fresh data.

5. Make posts of guest and accepts guests

No is an exclusive technique of obtaining links, but also serves to attract relevant traffic towards your blog, yourself known, explain what you have to say and earn the trust of new followers.

This post itself is a great example of this, I have my own blog , but of little authority and few followers, now I have the opportunity to share my knowledge and if accepted I can awaken the interest towards my own space.\

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A Blog Is Not Monetized, Is Valued

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A Blog Is Not Monetized, Is Valued

A Blog Is Not Monetized, Is Valued

Internet is a channel not to earn money quickly. Miracles do not exist to get to fulfill your dreams, you have to work hard, think and long term act.

Do not worry too much about monetization until you’ve invested months of work by generating a minimum of 100-300 posts. Even these quantitative data do not serve too to see if it’s a good time to start looking for a financial return from your activity as a blogger.

Google starts to trust you over time

Google works like a faucet does not trust anyone. Besides, I know from experience that 99% of us at some point do a trick to go faster than allowed. The temptation is initially so high that cannot be practically avoided. That is why a blog is often quoted better at selling if it takes several years for Google indexing.

Creating quality content as a result of post frequently

With the frequency and number of posts published improves quality. Those bloggers who argue that it is better to write a few articles but these are quality not take into account the factor of practice. Indulging occasionally create an entry that does not deserve the Nobel Prize is a way to improve the skills of blogging like when a runner has days where he trains only 10 kilometers to prepare a marathon of 42 kilometers. Another relevant factor is that the blogger limits itself judge and accused of being his own creations. Allow visitors to your blog that values ​​your content because in most cases a post that may seem to you might like to lose readers. If there are many entries valued positively by users in a blog, is getting more value. Therefore get more links because the contents are recommended third party blogs.

Convert visitors into readers is what gives value to a blog

The vast majority of beginner bloggers are obsessed with visitors. It is true that the second case from an external point of view can be considered more “sexy”. When the blogger mountaineer reached after a long time the top instead receive the deserved recognition. The surfer however still cannot find the perfect wave and leaves so frustrated because he realizes I was looking for something that does not exist.

The most important thing to convert a visitor into a reader is not an impact but trace. A swipe is not enough because tomorrow we have forgotten the name of the blog you’ve read a post that we liked. It is reaching the same visitor several times and consistently generate a positive feeling. That’s when you start to create expectations about future content creation. With this evolution step into the field of user interaction with your content to “follow” that gives you the maximum ROI. When your blog starts getting monetization value is a consequence that comes naturally. You realize that you contact advertisers because they are interested in your blog out.

A blog is like a good wine. You need time to get the best. Some things you cannot accelerate. Do not settle for the few euros it gives monetizing a blog at first. There will come a time when advertisers will provide a benefit you more attractive than 3 clicks on ads.

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30 Ways to Promote Your Blog Articles

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This is a question that any blogger has already asked at least once: how to promote Blog Posts? I give you below an excellent graphics that offers a list of 30 techniques to promote its notes.

There are of course, conventional techniques of publication on networks or social promotion by email or rss, but there are also some more original tracks that could possibly be exploited e.g. To add the last item in email signature or automatically publish his articles on the Kindle reading platform.

30 Ways to Promote Your Blog Articles

30 Ways to Promote Your Blog Articles

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