Cloud computing for Android and iOS apps

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The world of mobile phones has evolved to a tremendous degree since the invention of the device. It’s not even known by that name anymore. They are known as smart phones these days.

Smart phones are the lifeline of modern day life. The world relies upon them heavily for all kinds of reasons and functions. Applications are used to achieve this end. Applications are designed for a specific purpose with a specific theme in mind.

The smart phone sector has two great leaders; Apple and Google. While Google has not as yet delved greatly into the hand held device or smart phone manufacturing market, it provides the operating system for most of the mobile phone companies in the world called Android. Apple is the exception; they have their own Operating system called the iOS.

Mobile app developers basically have two types of different operating systems to adhere to. Both systems have fundamental differences and apps have to have two different versions if they want to cater to their audience.

The mobile app development process is quite time consuming and lengthy. All sorts of decisions need to be made to see that the app comes to fruition. The app has to be built to cater to a large consumer base and therefore has to be able to store large amounts of data. Nowadays this is done through a process called cloud computing.

Cloud computing involves the use of servers that are completely hosted on the internet that can be remotely accessed. This is energy efficient and also monetarily feasible as it doesn’t involve much effort and money.

Through the use of cloud computing, apps survive in the modern world and carry out the functions that they were built for. Usually companies hire third party app development companies to take care of all the data processing involved with the app. However, sometimes a company may choose to host all the data on servers; controlled by them.

Anroid apps and iOS apps are the two main types of apps. While generally an app is available on both OSs’, there are apps that are exclusively designed for either the Android or the iOS.


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